Sunday, 17 November 2013

Exam Update..!!

Hey everyone.

I am so sorry for being MIA. I have an entrance exam on 6th Dec and 15th Dec so I am preparing for it.
I hope you all are awesome. I have so much to tell you guys and so much to share but you and I both will have to wait for awhile. I will try to post something in between but if I am not able to do that then please forgive me because these exams are kind of my life right now. If you follow me on Pinterest you can judge that from the pins I am pinning.

I have to stop myself right now because I was on 10 min break. I also want to thank everyone who has followed me and has left wonderful comments. I will reply and follow everyone after my exams. Please forgive me.

I need your wishes and luck for my exams.

Stay in touch and I will talk to you soon..!!

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Let’s make a statement..!!

We love making a statement and why we wouldn’t we when the statement is so pretty and have sparkles in it. 

Just by adding a statement piece we can transform our outfit.

Here is how you can do it:

  • It can make a plain tee look more dressed up.

  • Add it to a monochrome look and make it stand out.
You can easily add pop of color to your monochrome outfit with a statement necklace. It can be done either by adding slight color in form of threaded necklaces or by adding a chunky necklace.

  • Because it gives you another reason to wear your favorite sweater.

  • To make your graphic tee even better.

  • To make your Tee shirt more versatile.

  • Just to add sparkle to your 9 to 5 attire.

  • Add it to a chambray shirt or jacket to make it feminine or to make it soft.

  • Wear it backwards to flaunt that sexy back you have got.

  • Because sometimes it is all about going big.
I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully I have given some of you some ideas..!!

Get Inspired..!!