Saturday, 21 September 2013

September Loves..!!

Hey every one.. How are you all.. ??

I have been watching alot of youtube channels lately and they have this monthly favorite tag so I thought of doing one myself and in this month I have so much to share..

Lets begin..:)

Fashion and Beauty Love::

My first love is Cupcake Mask by Lush ::

I know I am not a teen but this face mask is amaazinggg.. I use it every other day and the next morning I love what I see in the mirror and on top of it is the chocolaty smell that it has..  I smell like cake and I love that.

2nd Love is Lip Conditioner by MAC.

The one I bought is in "Petting Pink with SPF 15" and it is so conditioning. It tastes so good and smelles even better.

3rd Love is My Grunge T-shirt By Zara

I bought it in the beginning of this month and then I was going through some streetstyles photos and that T-shirt was a big hit in the NYFW.

Yippee.. ^_^

4th love is my Black and White Flats ::

I have made this flat my basic item this month and now that my feet are accoustomed to the shoe I feel so comfortable when I am in them and they are so chic.
(I spy magazine pile )

Music Loves ::

I have been loving these two songs alot and I know they are not new but I am listening to these two alot.

Drunk by Ed Sheeran ::  OMG I can go on and on when it comes to this song.

"I wanna be drunk when I wake up,
On the right side of the wrong bed,
And never an excuse I made up,
Tell you the truth I hate,
What didn't kill me, it never made me stronger at all "

I just love this song. If you haven't heard of it listen it here..

Loving you tonight by Andrew Allen :: I came across this song through some video.That had it in the back ground and I googled it and found it finally..

And I'll say hey,
You'll say baby, Hows your day
I'll say crazy,
But its all gonna be alright,
You'll kiss my smile,
I'll pull you closer,
Spend awhile just gettin' to know ya,
But its all gonna be alright,
Loving you tonight,

listen it here and it has cute video. If you want you can listen it Here

And how can I forget our very own Cara Delevingne song. Listen to it.. Loved this one.. <3

Now Food Love::

Nestle Alpino ::

They are just chocolate balls but what I love about them is that they come with a LOVE Message.  and everytime I open one piece to eat and when I read the message I feel so good..

I love their marketing startegy they have opted to lure the buyers and it is working on me.

Blackberry Ice tea

I love Ice tea and I ordered blackberry flavor by accident but when I sipped it I was so so so happy and I am so much in love with this. I have been ordering same for this whole month.
I just loved the tangy taste of blackberries.

Random Love ::

IOS 7 :: Well I know its been 2 days but I fell in love with it in a sec.

Gratitude 365 :: This is super cool app in which you can document all the good things. I am in love with it.
You can download it here..

Michelle Phan DIY moisture mask :: I have been doing this alot lately and it makes my skin so soft. Here is the tutorial. Wonderful DIY

To the crazy ones:: I have been loving Steve Jobs this quote and it motivates me alot.

I hope you all liked this post and I would really really love to know your September Loves.
Please share all the things that you fell in love with in this month. I am sure your things will be more exciting than mine.. :)
Please let me know in the comments section...

Lovefully yours..
Get Inspired..!!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

You know what.. ITS OKAY..!!

This is a letter that I would like my future self to give to me right now because I need to know its all okay there...

Here it goes....

2013 Me,

You are not okay but you are more than okay.

I know you are lost right now but its going to be fine. You will survive the mess. And I know you might be thinking how do I know? SO silly, let me tell you I am here in 2020 and trust you me; you are AWESOME. I know right now you are feeling what the shit I am doing and why am I doing this? Why can't I just take a leap of faith...? Why can't I just have that courage to make that decision that I know will help me. ???

But you know why you are not able to take it because IT IS NOT EASY. People may think it is easy to do so but its not. Leaving a promising place is terrifying and when you are thinking of taking a decision like that you got to think..I know you loved Steve Jobs speech at Harvard and how he said if you don't like anything then change it. But No offence to Mr. Jobs but I don't have multi-billion empire with me so I need to think before making that change.

I know you spend alot of time wondering about being ambitious and how scared you are of being over ambitious. But you know what ITS OKAY.. You have to have a reason to get up. You have to have something to look forward. Let me tell you in 2020 when you will be sitting in your office you will thank 2013 yourself that she had dreams.I have teleported myself to tell you that ITS OKAY not TO BE CONTENT.

I know you are having a bad phases and I am not here to tell you that you are wrong. But I am going to tell you that you are right that you are in a bad state. But you know what you will rise after that.  I know it sounds poetic but its your smartness that has made 2020 me where I am proud to be.

Everyone says do what you love to do but I am here to tell you that sometimes you have to do something that you don't like.. SO suck it up because you know it better how much you need to do what you are doing right now... For financial fucking independence... (aaargghhh)... to pay the rent...and for so many other things..

So let me quote one of your favorite lines from our favorite movie.. "TO THE JOBS THAT PAY THE RENT"...and fyi that is still one of your favorites(even in 2020 ;) ).

I know you think don't fit in here but trust me you are not meant to fit in here... Because believe you me "YOU FIT PERFECTLY WHERE YOU WILL BE IN 2020" so just enjoy the mayhem until it clears off the air. I know how you hate the judging eyes of people when you do something you love. Lets take a small instance :: Remember the day you paired red flats with black and white their boring grey-black-grey world ... the way they look make you bash them or give them a piece of you but trust me you won't do that because you are bigger than that...and moreover HR policies.. :X
But Listen to me... Don't bother as Coco said......

I know you are doubting your abilities but there is no need to worry. I am sure you are worried about the time but you know what its the effort that matter not the time. So GET UP And KICK some Ass.

I also know you are worried what other people think of you but you know who cares what the crippty crap they think of you or awesome things they say about you. They are PEOPLE so get over that.

You have wonderful friends you love you for what you are and they never judge you and you know what till 2020 they will never judge you.

I know its hard but you gotta do what is right.

SO here is my piece of advice to you because I know the FUTURE.. Just bell the CAT and go to your favorite B-School.. BE what you wanna be.. (because in 2020 you are that) and I know only 1and half month is there but if earth can revolve around its axis in 24 hours,so why can't you give it all what you got and be where you have to be or where you fit in.

And I know you have said it in your near future that you hoping to say now...

So just to end this letter "Always remember, ITS OKAY that you are not feeling okay right now..Because one day you will be better than OKAY"

2020 Better you..!! (wink wink)

**** This is a very personal post to me****
I am going through shit right now and I was writing it in a journal but then I think what if someone else is feeling exactly like me.. SO I thought of putting it here and sharing with you because you guys are my second family.I hope no one of you out there is feeling like I am feeling these days but if this helps then I am glad to help.


Sunday, 1 September 2013

Room Madeover..!!

Hello Everyone..

Sorry for being MIA.. The thing is I was down with fever. The fever is all gone now but I still sound like a dude.. I am sneezing and I have cutesy red nose.. I hope it goes away soon..But enough about my well being.. Lets get back to post..

Well I kind of shifted my place.. So I got some better storage place and I was looking for some easy DIYs for organizing and decorating my room.

I am sharing some of my favorites with you..

1)Magazine Pile :: This is my favorite lets be all honest we all LOVE FASHION... so it is true that we will have heaps of magazines lying in our place. well i don't want to get rid of my magazines.. Even though I have some cut outs from magazines but still I treasure them.

So here is one idea that will solve our problem and will make your room look much more creative.

Stack up all your magazines one over other and tie them with colorful ribbons and you can keep your candles over it or flower vase.

2) Laundry Bag :: Well that was actually a call of emergency but it worked out so well.

All you need is an old pillow cover and embroidery rings.

Put the rings over the top corner of the pillow cover and hang it on the back of the bathroom door.

3)My very own Pinterest Board :: I am a kind of person who believes in "out of sight and out of mind".So I made my very own.  I had a big carton box ... I covered it a scarf and put some of my favorite quotes and other favorite things on it.

Mine is ready but I didn't have nails to hang it up. I will post mine when I it is hung.
Till then you can watch the one that inspired me.

4)Mini organiser :: Don't you hate when those little things (that we need ) roll here and there on our desk.
Here is one of the trick that will make your life easier.

All these DIYs have one thing common that you can do these right now without running to store.
Please let me know what do you think about the post. I will be sharing my room pictures very soon.

Please let me know what is your favorite DIY to decorate room.
Please suggest me what should I do to make my room more edgy and fun..!!
Let me know in your comments.

Get Inspired..!!