Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Screw Ups..!!

2013 is going to end soon so I thought why not to have a quick recap of this year. I thought of making a list of all things good but then devil in my head popped an idea ::


And then I realized that’s a great idea.
So here we go 

Screw up-1 ::
Picked up a wrong project and wait for it I knew it beforehand that it was a living hell.
And that’s how I started 2013.

Screw up-2 :: 
Didn’t take an exam. This is not even the funny part, the funny thing is “ I will be taking it this year”. Good going you jerk, you wasted one year.

Screw up-3 ::
Stayed in shit knowing that how shitty it is. Yes, I am talking about IT industry. I know IT is cool but its not for me. For me office is death and ironically I die every-day.

Screw up-4 ::
Didn’t learn anything new. Nothing.. zero.. I didn’t learn any new language or skill or developed a hobby. It looks like I slept whole 2013.

Screw up -5 ::
Didn’t go any place at all. Forget about travelling to any place new didn't even visited old places.
Went home just one time. Can you beat that??

Screw up-6 ::
Didn't save money. Survived from paycheck to paycheck. And thats why didn't travelled.

Screw up-7 :: 
Didn’t read any books or novels. It looks like I have either slept this year or wasted my time on pinterest and youtube.

Screw up-8 ::
As far as I remember I didn’t do anything out of my comfort zone.  I didn’t challenge myself in anyway. No wild memories.

Screw up- 9::
Ignored my health and that includes skincare also but somehow i hoarded alot of makeup and skincare stuff.

Screw up -10 :: 
Did a lot of shopping but I shopped for trends not for style. So to sum up all I did was wasted money on clothes on things that looked good on models or some other girls.

Screw up -11 :: 
Didn’t eat fruits a lot. Ohk let me be honest I ate hardly 10-12 meals of fruits.

Screw up-12 ::
Planned a lot but didn’t execute any.

Screw up-13 :: 
Settled for less.We all know we are capable to do great things but we constantly undermine our potential by thinking so little of us and by comparing our life to others.I went through this phase and that took every bit of confidence from me. I stopped taking care of how I looked. I am not the prettiest girl in the world but I know I am pretty in my own way. But in the mid of this year I completely gave up on me and that’s when I fell to my lowest.

Now that I have made this list I am very sure what I will never do in 2014. In order to avoid a failure you have to face it. I know this list makes me look like a “LOSER” but trust me I am not one because I have strength to face it.

2014 I am waiting for you and to all the adventures that comes with you.

Please share your major screw ups with me and what do you think about my screw ups. I know they are a lot but next year will be less. Stay tuned for the next list.

Happy CHRISTMAS and may Santa bring you all the joy and happiness in the world in a Louis Vuitton bag.

Get Inspired..!!

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Put a Bow on it..!!

Heyloo everyone..

I am back on my blog. My exams went okay and thanks alot for your wishes. I have couple of exams left for January. I was bored with my studies and I wanted to do something I love. SO here I am talking to you guys.

Lets do this..
I am a big "BUN PERSON". Ask my friends, family or anyone who is around me they will tell you how BUN-girl I am. I wear buns to everywhere. The thing is I am a carefree person and whenever I keep my hair down I have high chances of tripping over something. Its true and it has happened to me so many times so I am constantly finding new ways to make my updos look better and different.

Here are some of my favorite ideas ::

I recently saw "THE CARRIE DIARIES" and in one episode Carrie was wearing a bun and at the back of her head she had neon bobby pins stacked parallel to one other. That looked so amazing. It was like a little surprise at the end.
(I looked for a similar picture every where but couldn't find one)  I hope you will understand what I am talking about.

Second one is "BOWs" 

We all loves bows. So why not to put a bow on the back or side of your bun to make it look edgy and chic.
Here are some instances
Third one is "RIBBONS"

As its festival season season so ribbons are everywhere.Why not knot one ribbon along with the twist or over the bun or braid in with the bun.

Here are some ways to do that::

I have tried all of these and they all looked amazing. I will share with you guys how to make "Hair Bows" without spending any money in my coming posts.
I hope you will try these simple yet wearable styles. 
Please take pictures and share with me on twitter @s2s2213. 
Hope I give you some ideas and let me know what you think of this post.

Get Inspired..!!