Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Hair up... :)

The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries or the way she combs her hair. 

                                                                                                                         ----  Audrey Hepburn 
But chic hairstyles sometimes do the trick...So here are some super easy hairstyles that doesn't take too much of time and looks super great. I have tried some of these and they are so easy to maintain and doesn't need touch ups.


Take two portions from the sides and twist it around and pin it up and make a bun and you are good to go.
This looks elegant and clean/


Just make a side poonytail and roll the ponytail in a sexy and messy way. Make sure the bun is LOOOSE. <3

Side fishtail braid is sexy. Make a french braid and loose it a little.  Accessorize it with nice flower pin or a nice hairband.


Twist one portion with the other one and bun up the remaining part in the hair and make a nice sexy and messy bun... <3<3

Make 3 small buns and try to align it in a vertical line.

so glam up your day with these easy hairdos.


Sunday, 9 December 2012

10 minutes dressing..

I know I have been MIA since a long time but I have a proper explanation for the same. I was working on my past post “ Why not to be “THE Girl” ... well I have started quite honestly.
But this is not going to be the second post for the series.
Lets be honest we all want to look fabulous but we all love to sleep till late in the morning. So what i do is I compromise looking stylish with sleep. I would rather sleep till 9 than getting up early and getting all dolled up. So this post is about the style that doesn’t take more than 10mins and when you are done it looks  like you have spend quite a time in front of mirror.
So whats more confortable than a pair of Jeans and Shirts.  Here are some of my favorite looks from where I am getting inspired. Jeans + top/shirt/t-shirt = "WOW"


               Office look with jeans... ::

              for the days when you want to have all the fun...not worrying about the neack lines and straps :P

Go ahead attack your boy friends closet and grab his favorite t-shirt and make it smell like you ..;)

I Love her style..

So go ahead make your own awesome style with the most wonderful thing of fashion i.e JEANS.
and look chic effortlessly..


Saturday, 27 October 2012

Why not to be THE GIRL (part uno)

Just focus....

Well I am a leo and as they say “LEOs WILL DO IT BUT AT THEIR OWN PACE.” I have lost focus on so many things. But now I have planned my way back to the “FOCUSed life”. Well sometimes you have that one moment when you just say it to yourself that you had enough. I had one of those last week. I ate alot of sugars and junk food to make me feel better. I even went to office without getting ready.
Then I came across a picture and I couldn’t agree more.
"I will live by these words for the rest of my life."

So I sat down, switched my phone and laptop, made myself a cup of coffee and took out my favourite notebook. And I categorised everything that I need to bring back in place. Shall we ladies?..
First of all, I want to get out of my credit card debt. 
So I did what I should have done a long time ago, I cut my CREDIT card. Don’t ask how tough it was. I finally can relate RACHEAL’s feeling when she cut her’s credit cards.
Secondly, I cleaned my wardrobe.  And to my surprise I found I don’t have functional wardrobe. (and now you can believe how depress I would have been when I realised that I don’t have a Credit card (sob sob).. ) Anyways I threw everything on my bed and tried everything. And what I lack in my wardrobe is “BASIC ITEMS”. So my next to do thing is to make a functional yet stylish wardrobe.

Thirdly, I am one of those girls who never had face without acnes. SO I went to dermatologist to get it in place because this might be a reason why I had become a compulsive and impulsive shopper.
She gave me alot of medicines but nothing is working so I finally decided to go natural. I am going to get the skin of my dreams in 30 days and I will try to post my updates every week.               
Fourthly, I am going to make a routine and try avoid running for cabs and shuttle.
we all know that “one girl who is just perfect, perfectly manicured, perfectly pedicured,totally elegant,the one who is always well dressed, That girl who is stared by girls more than guys.”

Well, this post will have several sub parts.
Next post will be the items that I will be buying soon to finish my wardrobe.


Thursday, 18 October 2012

EXTRAordinary Fridays.. !!

I will have this post every friday..and the post would be about the outfits for the girls who like to have fun.These outfits would also be very comfortable and every one can try these.

And the main motive for these posts will be " MAKING EXTRAordinay things out of orDinary things"

You can add any fun color to make your ordinary outfit "EXTRAordinary"

Blast of colours is making this outfit to stand out.

A new way to wear pastels over pastels.

Mix matching two different pieces can do wonders.

"SO simple yet so chic"

No need to sing "RAINS RAINS GO AWAY"because we do know how to have fun and how to look AWESOME in RAINS :);)

Try any of these ideas to make something EXTRAordinary :)
Suggestions are always welcome.

Be EXTRAordinary (XoXo)


Well... This is my first post :) yippe :D
First of all I want to tell that I don't live in the fashionable city (Milan,Paris,New York,London etc) but who says that fashion follows borders. :D:)
and secondly ,I want to explain about my blog title: Softwares to Stilletoes.. well I am a professional software engineer (in my early 20's) So this is my pursuit to my dream industry.. Its not like that I don't like my job but its like I WORSHIP FASHION.. :) so from 9 to 5 I have a desk job.. where I am a nerdy girl o does coding and makes softwares but once I am out of office I am just me. I believe I am working for fashion FASHION 24/7.

SO I hope you will enjoy readings an engineer's point of view about FASHION.. :)