Sunday, 26 January 2014

A Very Late New Year Wish..!!

                                       "Very Very Happy New Year to everyone"

                                 I know I am the last one to wish but better late than never.

I am happy at your arrival but I didn't make any plans for you.Why did you come so fast?? huh.. Now that you are here I want to say "Welcome and enjoy your stay".

Happy New Year everyone. How is your new year going on?? Just like everyone else in the world I was laying on my bed (on new year day) and thinking what I can do to make it different.
So I kept on contemplating and made zillion lists which made me realize this is what I am doing now I am not supposed to do it. I should stop planning and start doing.Then I came across a line "Decision without time limit is waste."
That is why I am putting a time limit on it. I am giving my time to start,to accustom myself and then to either finish it or make it a habit(good one).

Here is my list of doing stuff this year and I am going to do a post every month on my progress so that you can push me and I might get that kick in the butt to get going. If in  the list you find smallest thing then bare with me because small steps make big changes.

1) To get up early ::

One of the many reason that I was upset with me last year was because that I didn't do anything. I dreamt of doing alot of things but failed in almost all of them because I didnt want to give up my comfortable and cozy bed.
So I am giving myself 5 days from today to actually start waking up early around 6 or 6:30 ad go for walk. I know I am very skinny and all that crap but lately I am having a feeling that I am 40 year old. I get tired every now and then. I am 25 years young and its my freaking time.
So by the end of this week I promise to start going on walks.

2) To actually work on putting weight ::

I have talked about it alot but never worked on it. I know its hard for me to eat but now it has become a major necessity for me to achieve a healthy weight. I am done taking shit from people about my weight and it actually takes your confidence away.
So from tomorrow morning I will start eating healthy. I can't increase my diet exponentially but I can take small steps. Hence I am giving myself 3 months to put on atleast 2 kgs of weight. Right now I am 45kgs I have to be 49kgs by the end of march.

3) Drink that damn glass of water :: 

I don't drink alot of water. Generally I consume 2-4 glasses of water and that is very less.
So I am going to improve and start drinking at least 1.5 to 2litres of water daily.
To be honest I can't do it in one day. Even if I do that then I literally have to increase my visits to loo. That is why I am giving myself 20 days to increase my intake to 8-10 glasses.

4)Travel ::

I am not talking about travelling to a foreign land although that would be great but this is a realistic list so I am talking about the things around me. To be honest there are lot of places around my city that are amazing for wonderful day outings or weekend outings. Only thing that stopped me going there was lack of vehicle now my bf is getting one so that is almost solved.
SO I am giving me or us time of 3 months to go out to minimum 3 places that we have never been to and to fulfill that I am giving 3 months. That means by the end of March I will update you on my progress.

5)To Quit ::

Quit your damn job and start doing whatever you love.

6) Wear Red Lips

7) To find my own style :: 

What I meant is control shopping and to do more mix match with my wardrobe. To try different combinations.Start wearing heels.

This is it for my list. I wish to follow all of these because I have wasted my 2013. 

Please let me know what are your resolutions. I would love to hear all of these.
I wish you all are having great year. I wish to God that all your dreams come true this year.
I love you guys alot and I appreciate all your comments.Thanks for all your support and being with me this last year.

Stay in touch..!!