Tuesday, 13 August 2013

My Uncle ain't "Uncle Scrooge..."!!

Heyloo everyone..!!

How have you been?
You might have guessed it that I am talking Money this time.. Yes That I don't have right now.. :|

Well lets be honest we are not filthy rich.. hmmm only 10% of the world's population is.. (see I am talking numbers.. ).. and neither do I have any uncle like Scroocge who dives in his gold..Sad isn’t it????

Anyhow that means we can’t spend without thinking. This is coming from a girl who goes broke the next day she receives her salary… (Guilty.. :P )

Have you guys watched Uncle Scrooge ..He saved single penny of his gold and cherished it..

I have been working for 2 years and believe you me my savings are zero.. (sob sob) I think of saving every month but as soon as I get my paycheck savings are out of window and Hello shopping…!!!

Trust me I shop a lot and I shop rubbish..
I buy things and never wear them.. and blah blah… but I am not talking shopping.. (SO closing ASOS page.. BBye J CREW.. :( All tabs closed.. sighhhhh)

So this time I am committing to saving as I am doing for other things.. (Quick Update :: I have been going  to YOGA for 2 weeks now.. yippee..and I feel good)

So I was googling ways to save..then I came across a “52 day saving challenge” in pinterest.

Well that challenge was not fit for me so I modified it..

"This is what I will do.. "

First of all I will take 50 DAY challenge

I will put Rs 50 (I am talking in my country's currency, you can choose yours) in a jar every night .. sounds plausible.. putting 50 in a jar doesn't sound harsh.. and if you count after 50 days you will have Rs 2500/-

Easy isn't it.. and best part is that you can buy or shop or party like you used to do..!!

You can also motivate yourself to save by adding a prize after completing the challenge.I know the end result is not big.. But you have to start somewhere..
You can increase the value if you want to but I am going to stick with 50 for 50 days..:)

I have started saving for I-PAD.. I hope I will save enough till the end of this year..:) 

SO LETS start..!!
I have put in today's 50.. 

 So who is with me to take this challenge…
Please reply in comment who is participating and how much money will they put in the money jar..and we will count together..

I will give update on the challenge every we and I also want you guys to give me your update.
Well this is fun and is not hard on our shopping.

I hope you guys are with me on this.. I wish you like this kind of post.
Please let me know your money saving methods in the comments.

Stay in touch..!!
Save Money..!! (wink)

Thursday, 8 August 2013

“Chai with Worry About It Later”..!!

 Ladies and Gentleman… Here I present to you another one of “Chai with Worry About It Later”    

                    I would like all of you to meet one of my very favorite blogger…
                     “Worry About It Later”

You can tell how amazing her blog would be by the name of the blog only… This blog is written by a wonderful girl, BIANCA. She pours down the magic of her words and her imagination in her blog. Bianca has a great sense of style and she surely does know how to “DRESS to IMPRESS.” The pieces she can pull together are impeccable and the way she pulls it off is even more amazing. 

So without any delay… I present to you Bianca from WORRY ABOUT IT LATER

S2S: Please tell me something about yourself and about your fantastic blog “Worry About It Later”?

Bianca: Well hello first and thank you for interviewing me hereJ! My name is Bianca, I’m 26 years old, I live in Vienna (Austria) and started my blog almost a year ago – last year in October.

S2S: Worry About It Later” that is an unusual name ... how did you come up with this name?

Bianca: I wanted to start a blog pretty much earlier than I actually did because I was thinking about a name all the time. Last year I was in Ibiza with my bf and at the port I saw a yacht with the name “why worry” and I was so in love with the name so I modified it a bit and “worry about it later” was the result. It reflects a bit my attitude to life because often we tend to worry about things which are absolutely not important and make our life not easier thereby so I somehow thought myself over the past few yes not to worry about everything. And it should also reflect that fashion is a really passion but it should also not be taken too serious

S2S: Oh… That is so amazing.. So, what gave you inspiration to start a blog?

Bianca: I first started a blog in 2006 at university but it was just a group project. I always wanted to write a blog since then but didn’t find a subject that was really me. And about 4 years back I found a fashionblog and knew this could be a topic for me too.

S2S: That is so true, you have to write about what we love .I adore your style. Some mornings I browse through your blog just to get inspiration on what to wear. How do you mix and match and basically how do you manage to combine pieces so well? I mean I have so many bad dress up days... Any tips to an amateur? (People take out your pens and make notes.)

Bianca: Thanks a lot, that’s so sweet!! Mostly I already think about what I will be wearing when I go to bed because I’m not really a morning person and so it makes it much easier for me in the morning haha. But if I don’t find anything that I like, I wear a black top and black skinny jeans (or shorts, as it is summer right now) and add some silver jewellery. This will always work for me. And as I have a quite big collection of black tops, I think I will never be running out of them ;)

S2S: That’s a handy tip… I will try to decide my outfit in night. What are your wardrobe staples?

Bianca: Black jeans, black oversized tops and a black leather jacket 

S2S: I couldn’t agree more black is such a versatile color. If someone is on budget and someone is trying to build a workable wardrobe what pieces do you suggest?

Bianca: This depends very much on one’s personal style. As I am a black lover, I started to buy some black tops at the Zara sale (good time for it again) and found some amazing pieces for about 10€. Investing in a good leather jacket (not poly) is also a good to start with because it works with pretty much everything. I still have my first one which I bought some years ago. I always try to remind myself to the question “would I wear this more than once?” I hardly ever buy anything I know I would wear only once.

 S2S: I love Zara’s crazy sale and best part is it is still going on.. You know Bianca, you have inspired me so much that I am going to Zara to buy black top J . Accessorizing can make or break an outfit. As you accessorize so well please tell me what points one should consider while choosing accessories.

Bianca: Most of my accessories are silver jewellery and scarfs if it is colder. I own quite some scarfs which I love to combine with black outfits in fall and winter. Regarding jewellery: I buy practically no jewellery at h&m or shops like that because the rings always make my skin black and I tend to not like them at all after wearing them 2 times. So I stocked up on silver rings and some bangles and necklaces - bought nearly everywhere. I always love to buy jewellery when on holiday – this way it is souvenir and accessorie at once
S2S: I agree because the jewellery from big stores ends up on every ones wardrobe. I love your idea of collecting accessories as souvenir.
Continuing the theme of last question... What is your favourite accessory?

Bianca: Some great silver rings J

S2S: What is your favorite outfit??

Bianca: As already mentioned above I guess it is an all black outfit.haha

S2S: I should have guessed that.. stupid me.. J Who takes your photographs as all of them are so amazing?

Bianca: Nearly all of them are by my amazing friend HDB. She invests much of her time in my pics which I’m very thankful for. But also my mum, my bf and another great friend. The ones of my nails I always take myself.

S2S: I must say all of them are so talented. J What is in your go to makeup bag??

Bianca: Mostly I don’t carry one with me J but if, then there’s a concealer, mascara and a lipstick in it. I’m not that much of a makeup girl.

 S2S: If you could buy anything from any store in the world what 5 things would you buy?

Bianca: Huh, that’s a tough question. I would definitely buy a Chanel boy bag (big love) and then I guess it would be Alexander Wang shoes and bags.

S2S: What are your favorite stores and what is your favorite trend right now?

Bianca: Most of my clothes I buy at Zara and H&M but also ASOS and & otherstories are great.
 All white is quite good right now as is still is summer here.

S2S: I am so in love with all white look.. :) What is the best advice you have ever received?
Bianca: J
ust do it

S2S: Short and effective. J Let go to history…Shall we?? Which 80s trend do you want to make a comeback and which current trend do you want to omit?

Bianca: I
don’t know if I need the 80s to come back fashion wise and I don’t really like cropped tops that much. I don’t like wedge sneakers that much and don’t own a pair. Good when the trend is over again ;)
S2S: Who is your style icon and why?

Bianca: Blog wise I guess it is Sandra from 5indandup but also Carrie from sex and the city and also the Olsen Twins.
S2S: I love Sandra and what can I say about the Olsens, they are amazing. Your dream destination and your guilty pleasure.

Bianca: New York! Want to go there for so long. But in general I want to travel the world and see every country. It is only a matter of time (….and money…)

S2S: Damn you money why do you always come in between K  New York…What won’t I give to live there… (sighhhh) Let’s talk TV which one you like Gossip Girls or FRIENDS or something else?

Bianca: Sex and the city

S2S: What advice would you like to give your teen age self?

Bianca: Don’t worry too much and stay true to yourself.

S2S: Now let me be little selfish and talk about me.. (wink wink ) What is your advice to Softwares to Stilettos to improve the blog and what do you want to see more there?

Bianca: I always love that your posts are so well researched and one can see that you invest quite some time in your blog – so please just go on J

 S2S: That is so sweet of you.. :) 

I am so grateful to Bianca for giving me her precious time.
It is true we both live miles apart but I am very thankful to blogging community who has given me an opportunity to meet such wonderful and talented people. (If I ever get lucky enough to visit Vienna I will know who to contact..)
Please visit her blog and I can assure you will go there again and again and again..!!

*S2S- Softwares to Stilettos.. (I know you might be think she has lost her might.. )
**CHAI- Translation for tea..!!
Stay tuned for more CHAI posts..!!

Get Inspired..!!