Tuesday, 13 August 2013

My Uncle ain't "Uncle Scrooge..."!!

Heyloo everyone..!!

How have you been?
You might have guessed it that I am talking Money this time.. Yes That I don't have right now.. :|

Well lets be honest we are not filthy rich.. hmmm only 10% of the world's population is.. (see I am talking numbers.. ).. and neither do I have any uncle like Scroocge who dives in his gold..Sad isn’t it????

Anyhow that means we can’t spend without thinking. This is coming from a girl who goes broke the next day she receives her salary… (Guilty.. :P )

Have you guys watched Uncle Scrooge ..He saved single penny of his gold and cherished it..

I have been working for 2 years and believe you me my savings are zero.. (sob sob) I think of saving every month but as soon as I get my paycheck savings are out of window and Hello shopping…!!!

Trust me I shop a lot and I shop rubbish..
I buy things and never wear them.. and blah blah… but I am not talking shopping.. (SO closing ASOS page.. BBye J CREW.. :( All tabs closed.. sighhhhh)

So this time I am committing to saving as I am doing for other things.. (Quick Update :: I have been going  to YOGA for 2 weeks now.. yippee..and I feel good)

So I was googling ways to save..then I came across a “52 day saving challenge” in pinterest.

Well that challenge was not fit for me so I modified it..

"This is what I will do.. "

First of all I will take 50 DAY challenge

I will put Rs 50 (I am talking in my country's currency, you can choose yours) in a jar every night .. sounds plausible.. putting 50 in a jar doesn't sound harsh.. and if you count after 50 days you will have Rs 2500/-

Easy isn't it.. and best part is that you can buy or shop or party like you used to do..!!

You can also motivate yourself to save by adding a prize after completing the challenge.I know the end result is not big.. But you have to start somewhere..
You can increase the value if you want to but I am going to stick with 50 for 50 days..:)

I have started saving for I-PAD.. I hope I will save enough till the end of this year..:) 

SO LETS start..!!
I have put in today's 50.. 

 So who is with me to take this challenge…
Please reply in comment who is participating and how much money will they put in the money jar..and we will count together..

I will give update on the challenge every we and I also want you guys to give me your update.
Well this is fun and is not hard on our shopping.

I hope you guys are with me on this.. I wish you like this kind of post.
Please let me know your money saving methods in the comments.

Stay in touch..!!
Save Money..!! (wink)


  1. Really interesting post, I don't really have a method, I just don't like spending money on stupid things, I guess that's it.
    Oh and thatks for following me, I'm following you back on gfc and bloglovin! :)

    1. thanks for follow Sofija..

      Stay in touch..!!

  2. Great post, Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs, Brittany, xx


  3. wow,great post,you did the right thing,I think I will do it with you.Pls post more! Shall we follow each other? I love comment and browse blogs I followed!
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  4. Good luck, hope you make it!

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  5. Nice post...

    Maybe we can follow each other..!!
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  6. great challenge!:) I cannot save any money since I'm not working this summer:P I'm still living from the money I earned last year:) love your blog!♥ I'm already following you on bloglovin and facebook(petra lorencová). I clicked on the "Like button" once again now, does it show me as your fan now?:)


  7. Good challenge! I'm on it too this summer, it's a hard work in sales hahaha.

    Wanna follow each other? I'll be so glad to keep in touch :) Just let me know

    Irene Gm.
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  8. Great post!


  9. Such a great idea! I definitely need to do this too


  10. great idea, I think I'll start too :)

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  12. Hiya!

    I've replied to your comment on my blog so feel free to go and check that out!

    I'm always told it's not about getting better at saving but more about not spending! So I'm trying to stay true to that and really carefully thinking before purchasing anything!

    A handy tip for collecting savings though I find is when you find something that you want to buy, note the price and then look around for a cheaper alternative and calculate the difference in price between the two. Put the money you saved on the product to one side and it'll all add up!

    L x
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  17. Feels like something I should do to save money... but probably won't :(

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