Thursday, 28 March 2013

G is for Garance Doré..!!

Garance Doré...!!
She is my personal favorite photographer and blogger. Hers BLOG is the one I check everyday..

I love her style because she is so chic and so french..that means she is always looks so awesome. I love her hair.. Her bun is the best..I love her Red shoes and all in all I love her..!!

 GARANCE DORÉ is a self-taught illustrator, photographer and ambassador of French taste and fashion. She follows simplicity is the best. She is so creative. I love her “Pardon my French or This is Trending” videos. I love her how she portrays everything. 
I hope you enjoy her style while going through the post.

P.S I have combined "ONE WAY OR ANOTHER" in the one post.

We all want to buy everything in the world but can't. Here is Garance Dore's style showing how to style one piece in different ways..

I hope you all liked this post.
I personally adore her. Hope you will find her inspiring too..

P.S Do you want to know about her beauty and diet routines (Read Here)
Let me know what you think about this post.

Get Inspired..!!

Friday, 22 March 2013

I have changed my mind about you...!!

Biker Jackets... !! You are my new LOVe...!!!

They are perfect to layer up anything..Be it a TEE or a dress or skirt.. Just grab a jacket and put it over anything and you will look amazing..I was kind of against these biker jackets because I didn't like the trend but today I played hooky with my girlfriend's and tried one on.. And it looked awesome.. But sadly they didn't have my size so I am going to hunt down the one in my size tomorrow.. This is on my "to do list" for this weekend..!!
Till last year I had so many reasons not to buy one but suddenly I want one and I have my own reasons that I will tell you..

Please suggest me what color should I buy..I am really confused between black and brown..:)
I wish I could Buy both..(siiiighhhhh)
Let me know what is your look with biker jacket..!!

Get Inspired..!!

Happy Saturday everyone..!!

Monday, 18 March 2013


"WHITE SHIRT" Is so mad at us because we think they are formal and only office wear and gives that clean look always..
SO Miss.White Shirt had a debate with me and laid down some valid points. She told me that she is fun,natural,effortless,mixes with anyone and so versatile that you will not believe..
I had a laugh and disagreed.. But then she started off her presentation and I was surprised with the slides..
Here are some of the looks that she showed me.
I hope you will enjoy the looks..

Please tell me what is your favorite way to wear white shirt..
Are you making your white shirt mad..!!
Let me know what you think about this post..!!

Get Inspired..!!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Fashion In Little Things..!! (Part 3)

I personally love them. They are so in trend. They are very versatile and can go with everyone.
They can be colored and monochromatic. They can be patterned or just plain envelope kind..
I am a big fan of the clutches. I personally have 4 of them. I love them because you can carry them with jeans and dresses and what not.. And at the same time look so chic..
I love the big clutches.They are best suited for me.. As they can contain my basic makeup(kohl,mascara,gloss and wipes.) Also my phone,keys,ipod and ids..
I love the colored ones and plain ones too..:)
I have chosen some of my favorites..Hope you like the post..!!


Sometimes all you need is nice clutch to make a statement.. 
And through these clutches you are going to make a hell of a statement..!!
I hope you liked this post..
Please let me know what you think about this post..:)

Get Inspired..!!

Friday, 15 March 2013

I know you have one..!!

I am your friend when you are in mood of fun..
I am your friend when you are low..
I am the one you love to dress up..
And I am also the one you love to dress down..
You sleep with me..
And I have prints all over me or sometimes just little me..

Yes yes yes I am your savior at times.. and sometimes I have saved you from bad day...

You have guessed it right...I am your favorite GRAPHIC TEE..
Lets agree to agree(he he)  we all have atleast one of these in our closet and we LOVE them.
I bought one more for me..And yes I lost the bet to my bf.. !! but I am happy that I got this new TEE.. !!
SO I have put on some ideas about the outfits that can be made by the GRAPHIC TEEs..

Here are different ways you can wear it..

I hope you like this post..
What is there on your favorite Graphic tee and how do you wear it...??
Let me know what you think about the post..

Get Inspired..!!