Sunday, 28 April 2013

My Not so Famous "POSTURE"..!!

Day before yesterday I went to an office party.. I wore this beautiful White Dress..and Red Flats..
I know you might think white to an night event sounds aarrrhhh but imagine Me standing with guys in black suit and all the girls were either in red dress or black dress... SO my motto of standing out was fullfilled.

Today noon I was checking out the pictures with my BF from the party...And believe me I looked stunning as well as I looked completely crap.. and trust me everything was same. I was like I wore same dress.. Same hairstyle and everything was same...And trust me lights and all were same but I still looked bad.. and trust me I was not doing any of my bad faces or crazy face... :) ( i wish i was doing )
Something was off... And when I showed it to my BF.. He came up with an answer in less than 10 seconds..and this is what he replied..(sob sob)
He said babe its your "Not to famous Posture..!!" 
And then he corrected the photos and I looked stunning again.. :) :)


Well moment of truth I HAVE A BAD POSTURE..(when I am not paying attention..) But the point is bad posture does have an negative impact on your personality and can dull your sparkle..When I am aware of my surrounding I tend to have a good posture but that just lasts for a very short time.. (ashamed..!!)

I know the answer to all the question is NO..BIG FAT NO....

So what is it that comes in your mind when I say "Good Posture"

Well first thing that comes to my mind is the portray of Audrey Hepburn... Or a Ballerina or a model..
The good posture refers to one when your whole body is in alignment.

Because good posture is a statement in itself..It depicts

  • You are confident.
  • You are Happy.
  • You look attractive.
  • You know you have a head above that pretty little thing and you do know how to use it.
  • A good posture makes you 2 inches taller...its true.. (optical illusion..)
  • Also It helps you go look more FRENCH... and we all know thats awesome.. I read somewhere that FRENCH WOMEN looks attractive because one reason is the figure they make when they are doing most normal chores... ANd its TRUE...!!

So I have decided that I will work on my posture apparently there are lot of exercises in google that one can do..

Please let me know what is your opinion about having a good posture.
Is it overrated ? or not?
How can a LAZY girl improve her posture..(Lazy girl being ME.. :P)
And who comes in your mind when you hear "Good Posture."??
Please let me know your comments.

Get Inspired..!!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013


We all have one thing in common apart from the fact that we are all HUMANS and have same anatomy and physiology.. (See I am flaunting that I have studied Bio.. wink wink.. ) and that common thing we all have are

I can't even think about a person who can say that he/she has no friends..We all have bunch of our goofy friends that holds our hand while doing stupid things.. and those friends who laugh first and then help you get up when you fall on the road (happens to me alot..) Those bunch of crazy who keeps all your secrets as if they are in the custody of police or defence.  They tell things(honestly,even if they are bad) at your face easily Those people who have your back.. those people who can make you smile even when you are down.. those bunch of wierdos who believes in you even when you don't. Those people on whom you can trust blindly and those will never make you fail..
Those people who make wierd faces when your love passes by and later when you fight they listen to you and helps you patch up.. Those people who thinks it is completely sane to go out when its raining (without umbrella) just to get an ice cream.. and then you all fall ill and you have a good laugh about your insanity.
I mean we all have FRIENDS whose doors we can bang at 4 in the morning (and you know they will shout at you but opens the door every time. ) and they will be there. These are the people who are in your emergency contact number.They are your other family. They love you no matter what.. They will never fail you.. and they know you will do the same for them..  I LOVE MY FRIENDS AND I KNOW YOU ALL DO TOO...(same pinch..see we are all same..)

Likewise we have our fashion friends.. YES YES YES... I am talking about those outfits that you know will never fail you.. you know even the bad hair day will not make your fashion best friends go away.
You can rely on them..

Here is my list of best friends..

  • Black structured BLAZER
  • Royal Blue tunic top
  • Blue washed out slim fit jeans.
  • White shirt
  • Chambray shirt
  • Grey cardigan
  • Red dress
  • Black tee
  • Plain white tee
  • Light Blue men's shirt
  • Nude flats
  • Black flats
  • White skinny jeans
  • Sweatshirt with stars all over it

Whenever I am in doubt I wear these and I know I can never go wrong with them.

So tell me who are your FASHION BEST FRIENDS...???
Please let me know what you think about this post.

Get Inspired..!!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

O is for Olivia Palermo..!!

Olivia Palermo..!!

WHo is she???
An American socialite, model and actress.. And there is no fashion blogger that doesn't know about her.. She is a favorite of photographers and is being featured in many magazines. I personally like her style.. I have collected some of her photos and have categorized them. I hope you will enjoy reading them and might be able to steal couple of ideas from her..

I hope you enjoy it..!!

I hope you liked this post..!!
And you might have stolen couple of ideas from her..!!
Please let me know what you think about the post..!!

Get Inspired..!!

Friday, 12 April 2013

Yes or No..!!

What do you think..?????

Do you have to be living in a Fashion Capital or you have to be in the Fashion Industry to dress up...??

Tell me honestly..Then I will tell you why I asked????

Please let me know what you think about it in the comments..!!
Have a happy saturday and sunday..!!

Get Inspired..!!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Dirty Little Secrets..!! (Part 1)

I am a Software Engineer for now... and if you ask why?? Let me tell you why..
When I was kid I had so many no correction I still have lots of dreams..:)
So when I was in high school..
I want to see DNA,micro organisms and learn about cloning.. So i studied Biotechnology
Then I when I was studying biotechnology I watched Die hard 4..The one with the Hacking.. SO i thought I want to do that.. So SOftware Engineer..!!
And Now when I am a software engineer I want to do Brand Mangement so I am studying for that..

Please don't judge me for figuring out anything yet..:P

So it may sound strange but God do listen to your dreams..!!

Anyways coming to point...

SO now that I am software engineer I have developed a peculiar quality of my profession... i.e how to find the LEAST EFFORT TAKING PATH (LETP)..??
Its not like we love to do so but because of constraints like time or sleep I do so.. (Wink wink)

SO here my favorites LETP..(see I didn't even have patience to write the whole thing..!!

BEST MAKEUP REMOVER----- VASELINE. Trust me its the best.. I use it everyday. It doesn't make your eyes dry or hurt when you remove and moreover it is so cheap..

BEST CURLING IRON---- YOUR SCRUNCHY/RUBBER BAND. This is what I do... when I am running late and I don't have time to blow dry or style my hair and my cab driver is honking horns and that happens everyday..(hmmm maybe I should wake up early...naaahhhaa...or maybe I should broke Cab driver's watch or horn..:P :) (devil in my head is singing.. )) No No my point..Is when your hair is damp then make a bun or two or three depending on your hair density and rub the serum over the bun..and do all the other makeup or eat something.. and travel like this.. SO by the time you will get ready and when you remove your rubber band you will find yourself with the curls or waves depending on the buns you have made.. I do this all the time.. :) and it saves time and energy too.


BEST MOISTURIZER-- BABY LOTION. makes your skin so soft and smells nice.

BEST WAY TO DO DRY SHAMPOO--- IS TO DO IT IN NIGHT and after that tie your hair.. In morning you will get up with oil free hair.

BEST WAY TO SLEEP--- WASH YOUR FEET WITH WARM WATER BEFORE GETTING IN BED .It has 2 benefits ... your feet remains soft and you sleep well.

I have some more LEAST EFFORT TAKING PATHS...That I will share soon...!!
Till then tell me what do you think about these..!!
Please let me know what do you think about the post..!!

Get Inspired..!!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

And the Answer is..!!

The Number is 35..!!
Don't be shocked... with 35 pieces I can make outfits that one can wear for 4 to 5 months without repeating any outfit..
Do you want to know the secret???

They say "Necessity is the mother of Invention". I believe it and its true but I like my version of it..
i.e."Necessity is the mother of Invention of New outfits". can't own style or create your own with a closet full of clothes and with all the resources. Just imagine if you have privilege to shop everyday and (...let me sink into the feeling for a moment..
... almost back from my moment.... . I am back.. )

So what I would do is that go to a store and shop for the outfit and trust me that ways I can never build my own style.
Its the adversity that creates "the LEGENDS"...
so with that thought I am going to answer my question. : HOW MUCH DO WE NEED??

  • JEANS :: Black,Blue,White and one colored pair.. (makes it 4)
  • TOPS/BLOUSES: 10 blouses of different colors..(7 colors of rainbow or their variations and one black,grey and white each.. )
  • T-shirts: 4 graphic shirts or 5 t-shirts..
       An average person can keep record of things for a limited period.. so even if you wear t-shirts for                                                     two consecutive weekends and next sunday you wear it in other way nobody will remember..
You doubt me..So answer me "what did you eat last to last sunday? " or what did your colleague wore on 25th of March??? 
                      I couldn't answer for sure.. so if you can't noone can..until they are John Nash.

  • Pants/Trousers: Khakhi,Black,Blue and one other color (4 in number)
  • Dresses: One LBD, one red/or smoking hot color, 1 white/pastel colored, 2 summer dress and 1 maxi dress

(Well I have only 3 and I am happy with them because I am more into jeans...)

  • Blazer: Classic Black, Tuxedo white blazer, Bright  colored blazer and printed Blazer
  • Cardigans: 2 or 3 basic colored(black/white/grey) and one fun colored.
  • Shirts: 1 white,1 black,1 navy 1 grey and 1 or 2 of your favorite color.
  • Skirt: 4(Pencil skirt, balloon skirt, maxi skirt and one of your favorite design)
  • Scarves: 4.. 1 printed, 1 plain bright colored(i ordered emerald just now. !!) 1 light colored and 1 that goes with everything.
SO by applying simple combination I can say we can have enough clothes..
35 to 40 pieces can make outfits for two months.. :) when mixed and matched properly..

Let me show it mathematically..::
1 pair of jean can be worn with 20 upper wears which includes tops,blouses,shirts minimum.
So that makes outfit for 20 days..
And those 20 outfits can be further paired with 4 Blazers, 4 cardigans and with 1 scarf atleast.
that completes 28 days... 

Now you have 4 jeans that makes 4*28=112 outfits. (thats more than 3 months) Okay lets assume 90 outfits.. keeping the fact in mind that everything doesn't go with everything..
But thats where we all make mistake..why can't we buy sensibly and why can't we make it work...!!
Similarly 1 blouse has 4 skirts + 4 jeans+4 trousers to be paired with,that means one blouse can be worn with 12 bottoms atleast.. I am not even included layering...double layering and not even bringing the dresses in the picture.. 
So 10 blouses can make 120 outfits when only worn with scarves.. 
Same is the case with all the other garments... 
And I agree we can't make everything work but thats where innovation comes in mind..

I will suggest to go through whole wardrobe before going to shopping..

I know what I will be doing this weekend I am going to click pictures of my clothes and start making outfits. 

I hope you agree with me.
Please let me know what you think about this post..!!

Get Inspired..!!

Friday, 5 April 2013

What's your NUMBER..!!

Its almost 1 in the morning..and I just came back from work..
And guess what my boss said before leaving.. "Great Job everyone.."
We all were happy to be appreciated but then (dramatic evil music) We will have to work very hard guys for next couple of weeks.. SO any plans for vacations..I was like YEAAHhh.. !! I am on leave..
He asked.."when??"
I said,"Next couple of weeks.. "
He laughed and said you always know how to light up the mood.. butt head, I was not joking..!!!

Trust me I haven't chatted with anyone but my collegues this whole day.. So I need to do all the jibber jabbering..My roommate is sleeping and my bf is out with his friends..
SO i thought to talk to you guys.. :) (you guys are best.. )
First of all Thank you so very much for your ideas and wishes.. And yipppee weekend is here finally..!!

Now...Coming to the post..

I have a question for everyone and for me too..

"HOW MANY CLOTHES/OUTFITS DO WE NEED?" and to be honest I need an actual number..

Lets be honest we all loooooove shopping and I can shop everyday I have key to Uncle Scrooch's money Vault.. but sadly he gave me the key but to wrong vault.. (Aargg)
So the following statement is also a bitter truth..."THAT WE CAN'T BUY EVERYTHING.."... we wish but we can't... (sad music)

And I read somewhere "Clothes doesn't make you an elegant,beautiful and attractive women but it is you who do that.."
I also agree that " You buy clothes don't let them buy you." Very true.. if this was the secnario then we would sit and the showrooms and clothes would pick us up according to their choice.. (I think I have lost my mind with those lost inches of my hair..)

Anyways back to the point.. "I am going thorugh a phase where I am having a feeling that all my clothes have either faded or looks too old all in the same time. Do you have that feeling ever..??
So I am thinking  of buying some items that can replace my existing non functional wardrobe..HENCE the question..HOW MANY OF THE CLOTHES ARE ENOUGH SO THAT EVERY MORNING I DON'T HAVE TO THINK  "ahh got nothing to wear.."
Trust me we all think about this once or twice in whole day.
In the process of transforming my wardrobe,I have some points-

  • Item should be reusable
  • It should be weather independent
  • Can be mixed with 3-4 items that I already have
  • Classic pieces
  • Fun and COlored pieces

.... I am sure I am missing some more.. (Care to help...!!!)

Hence I am asking you how many clothes are enough for us...I need a it in tens or twentys or 100s.. (or infinite...)But GIVE ME YOUR NUMBER...??? so that I can give you mine.. ;)

I am sorry for making it a long post.. 
Please leave your answer in the comments...!!My number will surprise you.. trust me..
I love to read all your answers and suggestions..!!
Please suggest the pieces also..!!
Please let me know what do you think about the post..!!

Get Inspired..!!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Short and Scary..!!

Hey everyone..!!

Hope you guys are good..:)
First of all thanks you so very much for comments and following and I am sorry for not replying to comments..I am super duper busy..:| I promise I will be back in action from weekend..
I just want to share somethings with you and also need some help.. I am having a crazy week.. Its almost midnight and I am still working..Just took a coffee break and started writing .(sorry couldn't post my planned post because I am using my work laptop..)
So this is going to be short and scary..
I am having a bad face week..bad hair week(my hair stupid stylist made my waist length long hair to little bit more than shoulder hair.. super sad.. )...and worst work week...I so desperately want to sleep.
The only thing good about this week is that I got a new bag.. Yippee..
Now the second part of the post...
I need help...
First problem is :: I NEED TO PUT ON WEIGHT..SUGGESTIONS ARE MORE THAN WELCOME.I will try anything (but i can only eat egg no meat.. )
Second problem is:: I NEED TO GROW MY HAIR FAST.. (Stupid ideas are also well entertained..)
Third problem is:: I NEED A NEW BOSS.. SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE HIM A YEAR LONG BREAK..(Jinnie ...This is the time when you grant me 3 wishes..!!)

Well think of the devil and his mail popped.. :| I have to finish some more work and then I could sleep to wake up early.. (aarrrggghhh...super mad..)
Going back to work..

I hope you guys are having fun of my part too..:)

Please help..!!
And My Best Friend WEEKEND..I am waiting for you..!!Come very fast..!!

Get Mad..!!