Monday, 24 June 2013

#Decoding Elegance..!!

Hey everyone...

Today I am wearing my thinking hat so please tolerate my philosophy

I read  it somewhere tell me if I am wrong or not.It says you can tell a lot about a lady by the way she handles the three things:

BTW if you noticed I used the word LADY because I love using it instead of woman as it sounds more elegant and sophisticated.
Coming back to after reading it I did some research and talked to my friends and we all agreed that it is true…

Lets take it point by point

1)Compliments :  

When someone gives you a compliment you should accept that and be humble.
See if someone says,”you look pretty in this dress or you look beautiful or this hairstyle suits you”
Then there are 3 ways (as per my knowledge to face it, please tell me if there is another way also)

First one,” you get all flushed up and your whole face turns red. And you keep on asking that person , are you serious” Am I really looking pretty” or are you being sarcastic.?? Or questions like that..
So what impression does this give about you???

That you are not comfortable in  your skin and you lack confidence and that others person’s opinion matters a lot to you.

And that aint a pretty picture…
Omg what has happened to me.. why am I using this language.. :P

Now the second response to “you look amazing today”

Yeah, I know.. I am hot and did you mean I look bad every other day. Huh…

So this response will make the complimenter**( as if that’s a word.. lets say I made this word for the person who gives compliments) to hang himself/herself.

And I am pretty sure that person will not get a lot of compliments no matter how pretty or beautiful you are.

This answer will portray this person as arrogant, self centered and obnoxious.

Third one is::
Oh, you look so stunning.

Complimentee* replies, Oh, thanks. You look pretty or handsome too.
Thanks a lot.(with a smile) 

So this answer doesn’t only give your impression as beautiful outside but as a smart, modest or humble person. And trust me that is not a bad picture.  

Now coming to second point-


If you think compliments are difficult to handle then multiply that by million that’s how hard is it to handle criticism.
Well criticism can be good and bad. One can make the productive changes in ones life but we all know how hard it is to listen bad things about oneself.
Trust me it is easy to rip the eyes out of the criticizer’s tongue out or bang his/her head on wall.. but that’s not a good solution because one or the other thing will land you a lawsuit or in jail and we don’t want to go there.
So there are some ways that one can do without being a potential murderer or criminal.
Well some people criticize in a way that they don’t sound harsh but some of them are real a##@#@# who enjoys taunting others and p#@@$$@^ them off. We all have that friend or acquaintance whose only motto is to make others life miserable.
So how to deal with those kinds.

Sometimes I snap out and blurt out the fire back at them or sometimes I walk away but back in the corner of mind I have killed them and buried them in pacific ocean.

I agree none of my ways are healthy because only I am the one who is spoiling ones mood.
But some women who have done wonders in world( be it Mother Teresa , Kate Winslet or Oprah) have faced criticism at one point or other and they have changed the wordings or statements of those persons opposite.

So next time some one says ,’you don’t know how to write”.
Or you will not  get into MBA or you can not be success just by blogging.

Stay calm and make effort to make them wrong because they say “Actions speak louder than words.”

Because in order to rise you have to fall even sun has to set inorder to rise..
“Quoting one of my favorite songs”
You can bend but never break me
'Cause it only serves to make me
More determined to achieve my final goal
And I come back even stronger
Not a novice any longer
'Cause you've deepened the conviction in my soul

Because I am WOMAN.. “

 SO handle your criticism with extra care ;rather than thinking about it do something about it.

Well let me tell you what kind of lady am I in rains… No where close to being a lady because I don’t know what love affair my shoes have with water puddles that they want to make out in rains which results in me being humpty dumpty from the nursery rhyme and I had a fall.

I always stay extra cautious of rains but I always fall. And that’s not the silliest part I usually fall where there are people to laugh at me.
But after that I pick myself like a LADY and walk with my chin up because you get used to it when it has happened to you a lot but that look ain't pretty with mud on my bump and all.. (ooohh a dirty picture)
And if by any chance I have managed not to fall then I will look like a walking dead woman. Drenched in water and I don’t understand how is that even possible because I generally get down of cab in-front of my office but no no I will be wetter than others.
Strange it may sound but that’s my rain story.
So what does that tell about  me… I am clumsy and careless. 
But I have seen women who handles rains so well .
They hardly get wet and their hair stay in place and looks stunning.(If you…yes you the one who is reading it is that woman then please give me your tips.. I can use them)
And I see them I think they are smart because they don’t have mud in their bumps.. no no seriously I think they are organized and attentive of their surroundings.
Well If you handle rains well then you can handle any disaster.
Here are some tips from Miss Humpy Dumpty who always have a fall and I have learnt it literally by falling on but..
  • Don’t wear white if its raining heavily.
  • Do an updo.
  • Take an umbrella that has firm support along with chic design.
  • Get a stylish raincoat.
  • Don’t wear something that has big hemlines.
  • Put your phone in your bag.
  • Remove those noise cancelling  headphones so that you can hear the sound of horns and can avoid the splash.
  • If you can then keep an extra pair of bottoms in your office drawer or in you r bag.
  • And if everything else fails then  call in sick and stay at home and enjoy rains through your window.
Please let me know what do you think about this post.
Does it make sense or utter nonsense.??
Please let me know your comments and tell me how you handle “Compliments, Criticisim and Rains.”
I would love to hear your tips and safety nets.
My made up words.
*Complimentee – Person who receives compliments
**Complimenter- person who gives compliments.

Get Inspired..!!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Twisted Tale..!!

So day before yesterday I woke up late and reached late so a collegue of mine(you know the type, one who doesn't know anything but pretends as if he is the expert in the subject..that annoying one..) sarcastically said to me" did you just roll out of your bed??"  
Haha.. I was on a roll that day and replied , Actually I have a timemachine but you wasted the batteries yesterday.

and then I left.. 

As if I have all the time in the world..
I wish I had... who doesn't..??
Even I want to get ready without any haste.. All the styling and hair products but sadly I don't have..
So I have to look for some alternatives... 

Here I will share my ponytale...

I am sharing some of the new and edgy avatars of the ponytails. ::

I hope like my post and my solution to not having a time-machine.

Please let me know what you think about the twisted tale.

Get Inspired..!!

Saturday, 8 June 2013


You guys have to listen it if you haven't..

I have no words... I am just so emotional..

RIP Zach Sobiech..!!

Love from India..!!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Didn't your mom tell you that??? I bet she did...!!

Hey everyone..!!

I am very homesick.. No no I am actually mom sick.. I am missing her so very much..
Moms are our first friend in this weird world..
She is the one who taught us "ABC" or how to write or how to speak.. and she still is teaching us so many things.Its her voice that can cheer us up when we are really sad and when world is against you she will be with us and when world is with you she will be telling us its not going to be the same, so be nice.
She made coffee for us when we were pulling all nighter and she was there when we had our first crush and our heartbreaks.. She was there no matter what..And she still is always by our sides..(am I right??)

I share everything with my mom.. I call her everyday and tell her everything.

I love you mumma... and I am coming home very soon..

So this post is dedicated to her and all her love.
We all have our great and precious moments with our moms.. I miss her "I TOLD YOU SO.." and now I realize all those things were true..

Our moms are our best friends and our best advisers.

So here is my list of some of the best advises my mother has given me:

1)Don't worry what other thinks because you are not here for them.

2)SAY "NO" more often but say it politely.

3)BE polite to people who are under you.


5)If you are right then fight for it and if you are wrong then admit it.

6)CLEAN your room before sleeping.

7)No one will remember your mistakes so get over it.

8)Drink water that solves everything.

9)Don't prick your pimples.. (I wish I had listened to her.. :( 

10)Braids... always good idea.

11)Buy less but buy best.

12)DON'T be the damsel in distress but be the SUPERHERO of your life.

13)Sometimes crying is ok.

14)If you think you look wierd then you are probably right.


16)Intelligence is sexy.

17)Eat more fruits.

18)And one she keeps on saying "don't assume anything"

19)Have faith to go against the flow.

20)YOU ARE GOING TO BE JUST FINE.. Give time some time..!!

When I was a kid these advises drove me crazy like everyone else because during that period we thought we knew everything and we are always right but now I realize I was so so so much wrong.

I will be sharing my mom's take on fashion. I will share that in next post.
SO what is your mom's favorite advice.??
Share your mom's advice because mom is always right.

Please let me know what you think about the post and share your mom's advice.