Friday, 31 May 2013

Quick Update..!!

GOT THE BANGS..!! GOT THE BANGS..Yippeee... and I am so happy..

Went out during my lunch hours and came back looking WOW...

But still working..

Talk later..

Thanks to Shannon BoyceGabriëlleAnn and i-am-sylawia for motivating me..

Love you all.. :)
Bbye My boss might be wondering "Where did she go? "


Thursday, 30 May 2013

Bangs or no bangs..!!

All my life I have wanted a perfect hairstyle and you will be surprised to hear that my perfect hairstyle isn't something that normally girls imagine..

Here is what I want.."BUN With Side bangs... "

I am a "Loose Bun Person, I like to keep my hair off my face BUT then comes my dream hairstyle... That contradicts my "hair off face policy..

I always picture myself in a loose messy bun that I usually am but with that BANGS...Side swept bangs with bun...wonderful isn't it..!!

But I have a fear if they will be too hard to maintain.. 

I have made up my mind to get a haircut tomorrow.. Just the bangs.. :)

Then again I am confused if I would be able to maintain it or not..

I know it will enhance my features but I am scared like a 2 year girl.. :(

Any one of you have ever got bangs just suggest me or tell me is it so hard to maintain..??

Also what all styling products do I need to buy to keep them in one place.. ??
Please let me know asap as I desperately need your help..!!
Please please please.. I am really scared as my last haircut was a big disaster so save me...!!  

Get Inspired..!!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

My Hair Week..!! (1)

Hi everyone..!!

How did your weekend go?? Mine was so hectic but so fun..:)

I hate to get up in the morning and this week I have to leave home at 7:00 am for work.. (I hope I will be able to get up..)And I waste my time deciding what to do with my hair.. I tie it up for once but then I do updo and finally I end up shampooing again.. (AM I mad or what?? I definitely sound like one.. but its fun to be little..)So I decided to choose my hairstyle for next week...
All these hairstyles takes less than 10 mins and no hair styling products..(Thats perfect because I won't be having any time.) Just bobby pins and your elastic band.. :)

So please let me know what you think about these..And let me know if you want me to change any hairstyle for any day..

I am so excited to do tomorrow's style..!!

I hope it turns out well like it did when I practiced..:P

Please let me know what you think..!!

Get Inspired..!!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Help Help Help...!!

Hey Hi everyone...

One quick question and expecting a quick response pls pls pls....

What will you advice a girl who has a limited budget and have to build a good wardrobe(office wear)?? 

Well I am going through a bad phase and thinking of taking retail therapy.. We all agreed "SHOPPING IS BETTER THAN SHRINKS."
I am very much sure about the bottoms but when it comes to tops and shirts I blew up a big time..
So I am counting on you guys because my wardrobe's foundation may depend on your comments..

Please help me to build a functional wardrobe because I am very helpful when I am shopping for a friend 
but when I have to shop for me I suck a big time.. :(
Its true.

I manage to pick most dumb thing from the store .. :(

So please help.
Post links or photos or anything or just list up the things..

One important thing my closet have all the shades of blue.... SO no blues..
Please suggest some colors that will make me look less skinny..(weird it may sound but it is true..)

Please Help..

Thanks in advance you guys..!!


Monday, 20 May 2013

What do you think..!!

Hey everyone..
I hope you had a good monday..(Who am i kidding...Mondays and good never go together :) )

I just need a quick advice.. I know some of you might have read this book but please be very honest how was it??? does it has everything explained well?? Does it solve the purpose?? Is it a good investment..?? Will you suggest your best friend to read it?? or will you read it again and again..??

So please tell me "What do you think about : "

" “Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange”"

Is it overrated or what..???
Shall I buy it or not?? Or do you suggest something else???

Please let me know if you have read it or not.. 

Your comments can surely help ma alot.
Please suggest some other books of same genre.


Sunday, 19 May 2013

My Blazer Story..!!

Yes I love blazers ...

Here is my blazer story... Ever since I was a little kid I have loved the Blazer. I used to wear my dad's blazer and my mom's heels and pretend to be a CEO and ordering my dolls.. (I think I was 3 or 4 )

So when I grew up I always wanted to buy a blazer. So when my job began I started looking for the perfect blazer.. The one that fits well...creates curves too... perfect from shoulder...perfect length..

So after 3-4 errands I found my very first blazer... Even though I spent alot of money on it but I don't regret it. "So my first blazer was "THE CLASSIC Blazer" and after that I have bought alot of them.

I believe you can wear blazer with anything and anywhere.

Here is my tribute to my BLAZER LOVE..


I hope you liked this post.
Please let me know what you think of the post. 
And whats your Blazer story..??
What made you to buy blazer..?? Share with me..!!

Get Inspired..!!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

If you are with me say..YESSS...!!

I want to have one on one discussion with the person who first said "YOU WILL BE VERY SURE OF WHAT YOU WANT WITH YOUR LIFE IN YOUR TWENTIES.""

I want to give him a piece of my mind.. huh.. I will be turning 24 and I am more confused than a teenager.
I wish if God can give me a peek in my life after 10 years that would be great.. (yuuhuuu my Jeanie are you listening..I am rubbing your lamp...come out and give me 3 wishes or magic beans...naahh nothing :-P)

Well I had this epiphany when I was sick... and "In my opinion what I think if you are sick then don't THINK ... I mean not at all.." or about clothes... (big grinn on my face.. )

oh yeah where was I.. yeap that epiphany.. "WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING??"
First of all ,
I hate my job... I literally hate it. I have murdered my job so many times in my DREAMS.(Hell ya.. those were better than fairy dreams..:) ) and it seems like I will be stuck here forever.. I can't do that..

I want to switch industry.. obvious choice is FASHION... (if any one is looking for anyone to do anything in fashion I AM HERE... ;) )

Then I am not getting time to prepare for my MBA entrance exam.

Its been a while that I have traveled..  and took pictures.. (the real ones.. not photos )

I haven't saved a penny...

And to quote PHOEBE from FRIENDS " I DON'T EVEN HAVE A PLA.. "


I am in the bottom of the rock bottom too..

Am I the only crazy one here... because if I am I need to go to a shrink then..?
or Is it bad to have ambitions.?

Somebody please tell me its okay to be be messed up in your tweens too...

I am in a deep shitty shit and I can;t talk to anyone about this but you guys.. So what should I do?
I need motivation...(no speeches just one line ..because I am writing this because of STEVE JOBS SPEECH..."he said in his speech " Ask yourself a question every morning and if answer is NO for a long time then you need to change something.."Are you happy with what you are doing?"
My answer is No from past 2 years and I think its high time.. I should make the change..

Well I am thinking of things that I am or that I am not.. I will share with you as and when I get that..
If you are with me or have you ever felt this way then say YESSS...!!
and you have advice or anything to say please comment.. (your comment can be the motivation I need..)
Please help me..!!


Sunday, 5 May 2013

J is for "JENNA LYONS..!!"

Hi everyone..

I am so sorry for being MIA, I was hospitalized for last week. But now I am back..and this post is about one of my very favorite inspiration. 

and she is none other than "JENNA LYONS.." She is the one whose style i copy. I love to imitate her. I have some of face features like her. ( my nose..!!) 

Oh DID I HEAR you whispering who is she..??? She is the lady behind J.CREW.she has transformed the face of the brand. I love J.CREW clothing ( I am waiting they open a store in India soon..) 

She owns 220+ pair of shoes and has variants of WHITE SHIRTS and BLACK BLAZERS.
Her style is very practical and can be worn by anyone. She mixes and matches anything and make them work.
I always look for her for inspiration..

Here are some of my favorites..

I hope you also got inspired by her style..
Please let me know what you guys think about this post..
And does your "J" stands for you in your fashion dictionary...!!

Get Inspired..!!