Wednesday, 23 October 2013

To the Underdogs..!!

Hey everyone...!!

Right now I am at airport going home ...yehiiee I am super excited..and I had this post idea that I need to post right away..
So please ignore my bad editing and to everyone who just followed me I am so grateful and I am also very sorry not to reply to your comments. I have read every comment and i will reply and follow you back as soon as I settle down at home...

So enjoyy...

You know that movie in which underdog got the girl or that movie in which underdog got super power or that movie in which underdog won millions or that movie in which underdog was a spy or a billionare.. Glad you ask which movie..??? Every movie...

Yes people generally under rate somethings but you know what they are not that easy.
In this post I will be talking about the underdogs of fashion that looks so much easy to look but execution is tough.Here is my list of under-rated things in fashion.

Plain White Tee Shirt and Blue jeans look :: 

Oh yeah, "I said it". I have heard people saying thats the easiest look one can pull... ah huh.. nope.. Thats not you know why its not easy because you need to have a perfect white shirt and trust me thats not easy to find. With that you need your hair to look amazing and we all know how easy that is. I know if executed properly you can look like an off-duty model but if done wrong you can look like a patient and how i know that becuase I look like latter most of the times.

Messy Bun ::

How tough that can be to execute as it has word messy in it. haha.. Let me break a bubble for you it ain't easy. I know we all love it but it takes more than 5 minutes to make it. It requires alot of work.. teasing your hair... sparying..dry shampoo or what not..
Messy bun can be so chic but it can also make you look like a crazy person or rather a lazy person.

Top Knots/Sock buns ::

I have read it so many places that it is 2-step process.. Make a high ponytail and wrap your ponytail all around it and there you go.. haha ha.. rather than there you go it should be try again you look like a bimbo..Please let me know how many of us are able to do it in under 5 minutes.. I take 15 odd minutes to make one. and trust me doughnuts doesn't help either.
Now sock buns... I have cut so many socks of mine and i earned nothing.. So i thought may be girls socks are not good enough so I cut my boyfriend's sock and what do i get ...NO BUN.

Bedhead hair::

How easy does that sound. you just got up and you will have your perfect bedhair... Not so easy my friend. I know when I wake up I have crazy hair not sexy hair.
To get this hair you need bzillion sprays and tools to get that. If I will have to do so much things then i would rather sleep awhile and have roam around as crazy hair.

No makeup look ::

Well that takes alot of makeup to look natural.I don't know how much effort it takes but I have heard my friends talk about it. So not an easy nut to crack.

Winged eyeliner ::

I read a tutorial about it and that said just make a flick to side of your eye and fill it. I did that and guess what I look like a nuerotic person. Definately not an easy task to do.

Don't touch your face ::

Really??? I have a desk job or even if you don't have a desk job or you are watching movies .. bammm your hand is on your face.
Not easy to control.

Drink alot of water ::

I think it is for me only. I drink then I pee. I spend good 9-12 hours in office and my desk and washroom are on extreme ends. I can't afford to get up from my seat that often.SO not easy for me.

Putting on weight ::

I have personal experience in this case. People tell me to eat but beepti baapti boom nothing happens. Its not easy to eat all the time. It may be easier to give advice but execution is freakishly tough.

I hope you all liked this post and please let me know that I am not the only one who thinks that above mentioned things are not easy.
Please let me know what things you find tough which everyone else says "Oh its so easy and you go, "Blah blah.. "
Please let me know if you enjoy this post in the comments section...

Get Inspired..!!


  1. Hello,
    I really enjoyed knowing your blog. It's beautiful, well structured, interesting!. I would like to invite you to my "home" as well and hope you feel so well there, as I felt here!

    wishes for much success!


  2. I hope your return it will be great :)
    Have a nice day

  3. Nice post ;)

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  5. I love this! I'm so glad I'm not the only one that struggles with these simple tasks.

    Lindsey. x

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