Thursday, 18 October 2012

EXTRAordinary Fridays.. !!

I will have this post every friday..and the post would be about the outfits for the girls who like to have fun.These outfits would also be very comfortable and every one can try these.

And the main motive for these posts will be " MAKING EXTRAordinay things out of orDinary things"

You can add any fun color to make your ordinary outfit "EXTRAordinary"

Blast of colours is making this outfit to stand out.

A new way to wear pastels over pastels.

Mix matching two different pieces can do wonders.

"SO simple yet so chic"

No need to sing "RAINS RAINS GO AWAY"because we do know how to have fun and how to look AWESOME in RAINS :);)

Try any of these ideas to make something EXTRAordinary :)
Suggestions are always welcome.

Be EXTRAordinary (XoXo)

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