Thursday, 18 October 2012


Well... This is my first post :) yippe :D
First of all I want to tell that I don't live in the fashionable city (Milan,Paris,New York,London etc) but who says that fashion follows borders. :D:)
and secondly ,I want to explain about my blog title: Softwares to Stilletoes.. well I am a professional software engineer (in my early 20's) So this is my pursuit to my dream industry.. Its not like that I don't like my job but its like I WORSHIP FASHION.. :) so from 9 to 5 I have a desk job.. where I am a nerdy girl o does coding and makes softwares but once I am out of office I am just me. I believe I am working for fashion FASHION 24/7.

SO I hope you will enjoy readings an engineer's point of view about FASHION.. :)


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