Saturday, 27 July 2013

Turning 24...!!

Tomorrow is my birthday...!!! yayieee!!!

When it comes to birthdays I still behave like a 5 year old... and please tell me there is no harm in deliberately putting my age on web.

Well as I am turning 24 it got me thinking that am I the best one of my own self and I am not thinking any less of me but I believe there is always scope of perfection and when it comes to my case there is alot of scope..

So here is my resolution for my birthday and I want you guys to remind me all the time if these resolution fails and I hereby give you all a right to kick my ass if I show any deviation from these.

and let me tell you one thing about me I am very very very veryyyyy lazy if I could get someone to type my blog post... see thats my lazy limit... (devil's lazy laugh))

Hence, I am giving a year to me so that I can be the better me.

And I am quoting one of my favorite quotes:

"People will stare so make it worth. "

So here are some of the things I want to improve :

1) Get Fit :: 

Well I am tired of people telling me how skinny I am. Wait I have something else to say to some people "If I don't say that you are getting fat every time I see you so that gives you no right to say me how skinny I am."  SO here is a thought why don't you bring me a cake everytime you say that you are getting thinner so that I eat some carbs and I know that will make you burn like hell... (( Sorry little bit of ranting.. ))
Here is what I have figured out to win this thing :  I have enrolled me in yoga classes. I have heard people saying yoga helps so I what is the harm in trying.
Tips are appreciated..

2) Find my style ::

I am done with tom boyish style. Next year I will be 25 and I should have my very own style. It is a mandatory. I have to invest in QUALITY over QUANTITY.
I don't want to be that girl who owns every piece but still doesn't look girl. As I am losing weight along with  my confidence that is happening with me.SO now its extreme condition for me either to give it all up or to rise from the ashes.. Well latter sounds more interesting so why not do that..

comm'on guys...little cheering will help.. :)

So here what I did.. I uncluttered my wardrobe. But I think it still have pieces that I will not wear so tomorrow morning I will make ruthless elimination from them. It is better to have less but wearable pieces.

3) Blogging :: 

I am feeling like I have lost the soul of the blog. So trust me on this I will streamline my thoughts and will bring wonderful posts to you.

And just wait couple of hours I have a great FASHION post coming up.

Here is my schedule for blogging :: Well as I am preparing for MBA so I will be doing a fashion post over the weekend and one post in the middle of the week.

Please forgive me if I miss out some wednesdays...I have to get into a B-school.

4) Execution ::  

Well I am a very good planner and thats it...

I can plan anything but when it comes to implementation I am a chicken (wakkao...waak wakk)
I truly am.. maybe I am lazy or I don't know the other reason but I just have to work on my execution..

Less than 100 days are left for my exam and I know I can do it in 50 but I am lacking something..

So I am kicking my butt and getting things done.

5) To quit my current job or just change or develop an attitude where I just don't give a damn ::

I know the financial stability and all that crap but whats the point when you are not happy and you know your health is deteriorating because of the tension and stress..

Is it worth it???

I just read it in some interview :: "Stop waiting for anyone else to give you an opportunity for your dream job but create one for yourself. "

So I demand a great life from myself and my dream job.

These are some of the things that I want to do in this one year. I hope next year when 25 year old me read this post she will probably be sitting on the staircase of B-School ( well I think I need to do some explanation... Well I love staircases.. that is why the reference. )

I hope you will kick my butt and get me going.
I love you guys a lot. I am so happy to be able to share my heart with you.. 
You all are invited to celebrate my 24th birthday with me.. 

Stay in touch..!!


  1. Wishing you a very happy birthday! May you have a wonderful year filled with happiness and success and I hope you achieve all these goals!

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  5. Happy Bday! ^^

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