Friday, 22 March 2013

I have changed my mind about you...!!

Biker Jackets... !! You are my new LOVe...!!!

They are perfect to layer up anything..Be it a TEE or a dress or skirt.. Just grab a jacket and put it over anything and you will look amazing..I was kind of against these biker jackets because I didn't like the trend but today I played hooky with my girlfriend's and tried one on.. And it looked awesome.. But sadly they didn't have my size so I am going to hunt down the one in my size tomorrow.. This is on my "to do list" for this weekend..!!
Till last year I had so many reasons not to buy one but suddenly I want one and I have my own reasons that I will tell you..

Please suggest me what color should I buy..I am really confused between black and brown..:)
I wish I could Buy both..(siiiighhhhh)
Let me know what is your look with biker jacket..!!

Get Inspired..!!

Happy Saturday everyone..!!


  1. Oh biker jackets are so cool
    and yet so chic
    especially if you're good in layering outfits.
    I like biker jackets with skirt
    such a beautiful contrast.

    1. I know.. I had no idea why I was not fond of them..
      But now I couldn't wait to buy one..!!

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  3. I think it depends a lot on your color skin and color hair, i like how light brown suits on blonde girls for example! I have super dark hair and I bought an olive jacket!
    I really love your blog dear, thank you for coming to mine <3
    Love from italy XOXO


    1. Thats a great suggestion..:) I am black haired hmmm let me think about it..what should I get..

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  9. i have three leather jackets, red brown black :) and i can't wait for warm weather to wear them :)

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  14. i like it with the skirt. your post give me alot of inspiration love them.


  15. cool outfits!:)

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  21. Haha, I luuuurve biker jackets also! Aren't they just the coolest?! I think so!

  22. I wear mine all the time ;-)

  23. I love biker jackets! You can style them with almost everything!

    Style Without Limits

  24. I love biker jackets it´s one of my basics!!

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  28. Black! I have one in black and I love it.

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  30. So true~ I can't wait for it to warm up here so i can wear my leather jacket!!


  31. Great post, love all this great styles.

    Ina :*

  32. Great feature on the biker jacket! Very inspiring :)

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  34. I have always loved them, and more if they're of leather


  35. Love biker jackets!
    Great post. Kisses.

  36. I love biker jackets! They are the perfect accessory! You can never go wrong with a black one!


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  38. Great photos! Love the outfits

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  40. Black jaket, cool!! I really love.


  41. They are awesome :) I love the way the go with anything-such a wardrobe staple!!


  42. Great outfits :)
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  48. Very true... the biker jacket is a must-have and it actually makes everything so much more cooler. Sad part is I still do not own one because I have not yet met the perfect one. Soon I hope :)

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