Friday, 8 March 2013

"When was the last time YOU HAD ENOUGH TIME ON WEEKEND..!!"

Hey Everyone..
Happy Women's day everyday...!!

I am going to start a new series its not related to fashion but I will try to make it interesting.. I am calling it "WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME " series ..Here is the first one of its kind..As weekend is coming so its clicked me (you must be thinking how much does this girl many things clicks her.. Well I do think a lot.. Actually day dream most of times..SO in short it clicked) that this weekend will come and go and I will be in the same position where I am now.. (I mean on Friday..)
In order to have a flattering weekend I have thought of doing the following things and some of the things I will do differently:
  •  To make list that are pending: Be it shopping or blogging or office work or buying grocery or any other chores but do that on Friday. By doing so you will have a short term goal and you know what all things has to be done before Monday. But make sure you strike most of them not increase them.
  •  Do most of the household chores on Friday night: If you are anything like me then by the end of week you will have a bag full of laundry. You know you are the only one who has to do it then why not do it on tonight. Put it in the washing machine and take rest while the machine is doing its work. This will reduce your burden for weekend and you will have your laundry done.
  • Wake up early: Not as early as you do on weekdays but try not to sleep till noon. I used to do that and I used to get up at 1 or 2 I happened to have a bad headache and a feeling that I have wasted a day. So get up early, I am thinking of 7 or 7:30 and after that have a wonderful cup of tea with any magazine or paper or with nothing.  Spend the time with yourself. Doing this will give you a fresh start for the day. And your sleep routine will not be spoiled and you will not curse Monday mornings.

  •           Don’t spend your day in pajamas:  This is a very bad habit in me. Last Saturday I spend the whole day in my pajamas and took bath by evening. So I am thinking of changing it. If you will shower in the morning then you will probably change into something else. We have lots of option to wear at home and still look chic. SO why not do that..

  •        Keep either Saturday or Sunday for yourself: I prefer Saturday, SO on Saturday I do all your manicures and pedicures, remove old nail paint, put on new one or do facial or put on that mask that  I have kept on hold for a long time. 

  • Clean your home or wardrobe if it requires attention: This will make your life easier for next week because let’s be honest we don’t like to run like ninjas on Mondays and we don’t want to spend our energy to look for the top we want to wear rightaway. SO why not to organize everything.

  • Buy flowers and fruits for yourself: Flowers because they are PRETTY and fruits make you PRETTY.

  • Grab some magazines or books and sleep in: Grab your favorite book or anything to read and spent a while in your bed. Call me old fashioned but I still paper based novels rather than Ebooks or kindle reading. I love the old paper smell. <3
  • Sleep in time: I can’t promise I will do that.. ;) (wink wink) but if you can then do it.
  • Meet your friends: Friends are real time stress busters. At least have someone who can make you laugh (not smile) so hard that you want to kick his /her ass to make him/her stop. Meet that kind of friends not the one who will drain your energy.
  •       And if you have to anything that will make you tired like trekking or going to some place where you have to stand or walk a lot try to do that on Saturday so that you will have Sunday to relax.
These are the things I am planning to differently. 
I hope this time I would have enough of weekend. Let me know what do you think about my new
Have a wonderful and more than enough weekend..!!

      Get Inspired..!!


  1. Great post! :)


  2. Very nice post. I love the nail!!!!
    Anyway thank you so much for following me via GFC and bloglovin.
    I am your new follower!

  3. These are great tips! Thank you for sharing. x

    <3 Melissa

  4. amazing tips! i don't a gave time at all;/ i'm following you now:)

  5. I wish I had finished all my exams but now I'm studying a lot so I don't have time for myself :( Great post,so inspiring!!


    1. Aww.. all the best..!!
      They will end soon then you can have all the time..:)


  6. love this post. im gonna try it this weekend.
    I followed you! love the blog <3

  7. Loved this post, and very good points. I use to sleep in on weekends all the time and have stopped.
    I make sure I wake up a little earlier and do something for myself, i usually go to yoga.