Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Guys Talk...(About Girls)..!!

A little warning its bit long and have fun reading it.....

Day before yesterday I was out with my Bf and some of our common friends and we were just talking about stuffs. From marketing to recession to inflation to further studies and all then they all turned GUYS and started talking about girls..  As we were in club and the crowd was great.. By crowd I meant Girls were hot... But all these guys were whining about them.. so when I had enough I just asked them "What is beauty according to you? How do you say that girl is hot and the other one is not?What all things you include as a part of their hotness scale.? What makes you to go and talk to them?"
And to my surprise their answer shocked me. As they all are educated I thought of an okay answer but they all answered above my expectation.
Here is a piece of our conversation ::

They all agreed to one thing Dress Style"
I asked," What do you mean by that?"
A said : ," I don't want to go out with a girl who wears track pants to a fine dining and neither do I want her to wear bikini.."
I said : Fair enough !! Same goes with the guys .. So I agreed with him..

B pointed at a girl and said, " Look at her, ..
Before He can finish his sentence I said: What about her, She is pretty..
B said: yess, she is but not confident
I asked: What??how could you say that???
B said: Look at her body language..every 2mins she tucks her dress.. arranges her hair and keep looking at her phone without any apparent reason. She is not talking to anyone of her friends.. That shows she is not comfortable in her..
I observed,: And yes it was true..She was pretty but their was something off about her..
So I agreed to him that another thing that is important is CONFIDENCE”.

C jumped in the conservation and said," Its true, we like Damsels in distress  but we don't want to live with them.. Its okay to kill spiders for girl next door but to be honest we prefer the girl who said "I got it.." Rather than can you do it for me.
I just nodded in agreement.Because we are living in modern world and more than that we are capable to do anything that we want to.. SO why to be DAMSELS when we can rule the world…

Then my Bf (Z) jumped in: He said what about Intelligence and Manners and etiquettes??
All the guys and I agreed that they all are very important..
Z said: You know what attracted me the most towards you is that you have opinions and you stick to them. and I can talk to you about anything.
A,B,C and D : they all added that is one of the reasons why we invite you to hang out with us..
I said, "awww you guys""

I asked what else is attractive in girls???I was having so much fun with these guys.
Z said," SMile and way they smell"
Others agreed..Said smile can enlighten others day too..
C said," yes We love to see smiling faces not the ones who have frown all the time. and Its ok to bitch ones in awhile but all the times..."
I just nodded..
D said," I will tell you about smelling nice , I was in an elevator and girl entered and because of her fragrance I felt so happy for awhile. "
I said, Its true, Sometimes happens with me..

E was quite for a while, So C poked him and asked for his opinion, He started ," Those girls attract me the most who listens and makes eye contact when we talk. He said its so annoying to talk to a girl when she can't fix her eye on the person who she is talking. "
I said, But same thing goes with the guys.
E said," True.." Making eye contact is a kind of gesture that you are happy to see them"
We all agreed..
(OOps did I forget E is in HR team of a leading MNC.. SO he knows so much about the body language and trust me that is kind of scary.")

I was having fun so I asked what else..?
A said," I have a colleague she carries her world in her hand along with her hand.. "
I was like ,"" Explain a bit please.."
A said," She has a bag but I think that is empty all the time. She has her phone,papers,organizer,novel, or what not on her hand.." and then she keeps on dropping everything...That is just frustrating..Dude you have a bag that can solve your problem..
I said, "we girls don't do that.. "
He said " some of you do..!!"

D said, “We appreciate those girls who takes care of themselves.”
I said ,” We all do that.”
D continued,“You should meet some of my office people and I am pretty sure you will change your opinion. I love those girls who do manicure and pedicure and in short hygienic"
I agreed..
So they all said we don’t care about your clothes if they are new or old or in vogue or out of it. We love them because of the girl that is wearing them.

I am so astonished by them but then I don’t know how but they suddenly shifted to sports and the statement was left incomplete and they were talking about soccer and all.
But then I was like I will make a post of it and they all said don't mention our names..That is why "A,B,C,D,E and Z"

I hope you had fun reading this.. Let me know what do you think about the post..

Get Inspired..!!


  1. you could write a book about this, a little book: What guys think about us ;)
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    Btw, you got a great style/fashion blog!! Have a fab weeekend!!!


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