Friday, 15 March 2013

I know you have one..!!

I am your friend when you are in mood of fun..
I am your friend when you are low..
I am the one you love to dress up..
And I am also the one you love to dress down..
You sleep with me..
And I have prints all over me or sometimes just little me..

Yes yes yes I am your savior at times.. and sometimes I have saved you from bad day...

You have guessed it right...I am your favorite GRAPHIC TEE..
Lets agree to agree(he he)  we all have atleast one of these in our closet and we LOVE them.
I bought one more for me..And yes I lost the bet to my bf.. !! but I am happy that I got this new TEE.. !!
SO I have put on some ideas about the outfits that can be made by the GRAPHIC TEEs..

Here are different ways you can wear it..

I hope you like this post..
What is there on your favorite Graphic tee and how do you wear it...??
Let me know what you think about the post..

Get Inspired..!!


  1. I love a good graphic tee. I definitely don't have enough of them!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    1. Thanks for appreciating Yi-chia..:)
      I loooove your blog..<3

  2. Great post love leather pants !! Visit and check my new post!!

  3. I love love love graphic tees! They are a really fun way to add personality to an outfit.

  4. Love this :)


  5. Great post ! Would you like to follow each other?

  6. Hello dear,
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  7. Great post!!! I have a lot of graphic tees, and now you gave me some ideas for new looks!! :)

  8. I always like street style pics! thnx for sharing! xoxo

  9. graphic tees are always way too much fun to pass up on :D

    read my latest post :)

  10. Hey dear! I've nominated you for the Liebster award, for more information check my blog.
    - xo Supernat

    1. Thanks alot..!!
      I will do that..:)
      Stay in touch..!!

  11. For a while I had a little obsession with monochrome plain tops, I had to have them in EVERY color. And then I thought: "What the hell???" and started buying printed tops like crazy.:D A printed tee is definitely a savior at times!!
    Definitely following you, babe, on GFC and Bloglovin too.;)

  12. Aloha! You really have a great taste on fashion!
    Can we follow each other?

  13. Graphic tees are my sevior in situations " I have nothig to wear" - Love it!!!
    Here are some super ideas how to wear them! :)))

    follow from now on - follow back? I'll be very greatful! :))

  14. You have a great taste in fashion! I totally got inspiration from this post! :D