Friday, 5 April 2013

What's your NUMBER..!!

Its almost 1 in the morning..and I just came back from work..
And guess what my boss said before leaving.. "Great Job everyone.."
We all were happy to be appreciated but then (dramatic evil music) We will have to work very hard guys for next couple of weeks.. SO any plans for vacations..I was like YEAAHhh.. !! I am on leave..
He asked.."when??"
I said,"Next couple of weeks.. "
He laughed and said you always know how to light up the mood.. butt head, I was not joking..!!!

Trust me I haven't chatted with anyone but my collegues this whole day.. So I need to do all the jibber jabbering..My roommate is sleeping and my bf is out with his friends..
SO i thought to talk to you guys.. :) (you guys are best.. )
First of all Thank you so very much for your ideas and wishes.. And yipppee weekend is here finally..!!

Now...Coming to the post..

I have a question for everyone and for me too..

"HOW MANY CLOTHES/OUTFITS DO WE NEED?" and to be honest I need an actual number..

Lets be honest we all loooooove shopping and I can shop everyday I have key to Uncle Scrooch's money Vault.. but sadly he gave me the key but to wrong vault.. (Aargg)
So the following statement is also a bitter truth..."THAT WE CAN'T BUY EVERYTHING.."... we wish but we can't... (sad music)

And I read somewhere "Clothes doesn't make you an elegant,beautiful and attractive women but it is you who do that.."
I also agree that " You buy clothes don't let them buy you." Very true.. if this was the secnario then we would sit and the showrooms and clothes would pick us up according to their choice.. (I think I have lost my mind with those lost inches of my hair..)

Anyways back to the point.. "I am going thorugh a phase where I am having a feeling that all my clothes have either faded or looks too old all in the same time. Do you have that feeling ever..??
So I am thinking  of buying some items that can replace my existing non functional wardrobe..HENCE the question..HOW MANY OF THE CLOTHES ARE ENOUGH SO THAT EVERY MORNING I DON'T HAVE TO THINK  "ahh got nothing to wear.."
Trust me we all think about this once or twice in whole day.
In the process of transforming my wardrobe,I have some points-

  • Item should be reusable
  • It should be weather independent
  • Can be mixed with 3-4 items that I already have
  • Classic pieces
  • Fun and COlored pieces

.... I am sure I am missing some more.. (Care to help...!!!)

Hence I am asking you how many clothes are enough for us...I need a it in tens or twentys or 100s.. (or infinite...)But GIVE ME YOUR NUMBER...??? so that I can give you mine.. ;)

I am sorry for making it a long post.. 
Please leave your answer in the comments...!!My number will surprise you.. trust me..
I love to read all your answers and suggestions..!!
Please suggest the pieces also..!!
Please let me know what do you think about the post..!!

Get Inspired..!!


  1. infinity

  2. Yep.... sometimes we all feel like that x

  3. I feel like that all the time. I have at least 40 dresses and sometimes still don't know what to wear! (not to mention about 20 skirts, 4 pairs of jeans etc etc!

    Corinne x

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  5. Haha.. I enjoyed reading this. :) xoxo

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  11. I can never have enough clothes, it just depends on my mood how many actually I need. Enjoyed reading this :) xx

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  17. My mama always said you have so many shoes and bags!!!!
    I can't resist:)
    I can feel you!


    1. same here.. even my mumma says the same..:P

      Stay in touch..!!

  18. nice blog :))

  19. I start following you, Love your blog!!

  20. Buying clothes makes me extremely happy :p

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  21. haha love the topic.

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  22. Ugg the terrible Indian Bosses. Heard you on that, it is sure ok to share it with us :)

    And yes even I need to change my wardrobe ASAP, nothing to wear (its true) So maybe your post was timely. It really does make me think of a number and maybe this would help me strategize too. So here it goes.

    Shirts - 7... in case I like to wear one each week lol ( including the classic white, black and blue)
    Blouse - 5... for the days when the shirts feel too formal
    Tees - none, except for the ones to wear at night. For daywear I have grown out of them since I left college.
    Jeans - 3... in different fits and colors ranging from dark to light. But no bling
    Pants - 6 - colors+prints
    Maxis - 6... I love wearing them way more than dresses.
    Jumpsuits - 2
    Skirts and dresses - none... my lifestyle doesn't need it right now.

    So that's a basic wardrobe I guess..... I would love to have way more but then these are the bare minimum essentials. LOL

    So what is your number??

    Swati @ The Creative Bent

    1. Hey Swati...:)hows it going??So your boss is a jerk too... !! ;) I may sound stupid now but how hard is it to keep your co-workers happy..When I will be someones boss I will give me full liberty to work and have fun along with it... no questioning nothing at all... :)
      You helped me alot while answering the question.. :)

      Stay in touch..!!

  23. Were you able to have an actually conversation with your boss and tell him that you are actually leaving?


    1. I wish I could have said that to him..but I made some super strong excuse and got myself a long weekend..:)