Sunday, 28 April 2013

My Not so Famous "POSTURE"..!!

Day before yesterday I went to an office party.. I wore this beautiful White Dress..and Red Flats..
I know you might think white to an night event sounds aarrrhhh but imagine Me standing with guys in black suit and all the girls were either in red dress or black dress... SO my motto of standing out was fullfilled.

Today noon I was checking out the pictures with my BF from the party...And believe me I looked stunning as well as I looked completely crap.. and trust me everything was same. I was like I wore same dress.. Same hairstyle and everything was same...And trust me lights and all were same but I still looked bad.. and trust me I was not doing any of my bad faces or crazy face... :) ( i wish i was doing )
Something was off... And when I showed it to my BF.. He came up with an answer in less than 10 seconds..and this is what he replied..(sob sob)
He said babe its your "Not to famous Posture..!!" 
And then he corrected the photos and I looked stunning again.. :) :)


Well moment of truth I HAVE A BAD POSTURE..(when I am not paying attention..) But the point is bad posture does have an negative impact on your personality and can dull your sparkle..When I am aware of my surrounding I tend to have a good posture but that just lasts for a very short time.. (ashamed..!!)

I know the answer to all the question is NO..BIG FAT NO....

So what is it that comes in your mind when I say "Good Posture"

Well first thing that comes to my mind is the portray of Audrey Hepburn... Or a Ballerina or a model..
The good posture refers to one when your whole body is in alignment.

Because good posture is a statement in itself..It depicts

  • You are confident.
  • You are Happy.
  • You look attractive.
  • You know you have a head above that pretty little thing and you do know how to use it.
  • A good posture makes you 2 inches taller...its true.. (optical illusion..)
  • Also It helps you go look more FRENCH... and we all know thats awesome.. I read somewhere that FRENCH WOMEN looks attractive because one reason is the figure they make when they are doing most normal chores... ANd its TRUE...!!

So I have decided that I will work on my posture apparently there are lot of exercises in google that one can do..

Please let me know what is your opinion about having a good posture.
Is it overrated ? or not?
How can a LAZY girl improve her posture..(Lazy girl being ME.. :P)
And who comes in your mind when you hear "Good Posture."??
Please let me know your comments.

Get Inspired..!!


  1. I often think I have awful posture, and when I notice it I immediately straighten up. But then 5 minutes later, I end up slouching :( Sigh!
    All I can say is that if you want to know how to properly stand, stand against a wall with your heals touching the surface and keep your body completely straight.. That's how you should be always! :D

    1. I do the same...hehe
      I will try the wall excercise... But standing straight is so tiring SO i slouch.. :P

  2. I think everyone has on his own way a beautiful posture cause we are all unique and So can everyone shine in his own way, but this doesn't mean that we can eat what we want. You now what they say: Your feeling is just as much as you eat. I follow you now babe. Xyas SE

  3. I love good postures! I try not to bed my back always but it's a little hard haha!


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  5. I try and sit straight at my desk at work, but feel like an idiot. I do it anyway!

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    x Vik

  7. I loved this post, I have a posture problem as well, I have to think about it otherwise my posture sucks...well done ! Kisses

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  8. i love this post, never read anything like it before. i would say posture is important as i have back problems becasue of bad posture, but i still slough, so maybe thats hypocritical! haa
    im following you now, i'd love if you could check out my blog and follow back if you like? xx

  9. great post! I'm following you. I really hope you to the same!

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  11. great post!
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  12. OMG! My posture sucks!!! Like, really sucks. Like I should be in someones tower. Lol
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    Lattes & Lacee

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  17. This is a great issue... that so many of us really neglect. I am learning dance myself, and still it does not come naturally to have a straight back, chest out and chin up thing... but it will hopefully. It really could make or break things.... you are absolutely right.

    And for anyone out there, who feels she is short, a good posture can really enhance your appearance of looking slightly taller. I absolutely loved this post.

    Swati @ The Creative Bent

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  21. Great post! I have a bad posture when I'm not paying attention too, but if someone is gonna take a pic I immediately change it, I don't wanna look like I'm lazy or bored..
    I'm following your blog :)

  22. I have ok posture from dancing, but i find when taking photos i slouch my shoulders! Great post though, i liked it something different than the same old same old! xx

  23. So awesome blog!)) Love it!
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    Have a nice day, honey!

  24. Grate look!

  25. Ohw... :/ And here I was, so curious to see actual pictures of your outfit! But it is a great post nonetheless, and posture... yes. Something I definitely need to work on (according to my doctor years of bad posture have resulted in creating my asymmetrical chest o_O). New follower alert here!


  26. My posture is definitely something I want to improve! I definitely think a good posture makes you look more confident and attractive as well as taller. You have a lovely blog. Definitely following along. Hope you will check out mines and keep in touch.

    Sita xx

  27. Hi there.
    I really understand you. I had scoliosis all my life (never listened to my mum saying "Keep your back straight" when I was a kid :))
    About 5-6 months ago I started doing ballet for adults classes (never had any dancing experience before). And guess what! So many people notice and comment my posture! Moreover, my osteo looked at the recent X-ray and he was impressed by such a huge improvement in a very short time! Apparently my hard work at ballet classes 3-4 times a week paid off - I don't have a scoliosis anymore! Human body is amazing!
    It's never late to enjoy ballet dancing! I'm 28. It doesn't only correct your posture, makes your legs long and sexy, gives you strength and flexibility, it's such a great form of art as well. I've never felt that great before in my life!
    Wish you all the best,