Thursday, 30 May 2013

Bangs or no bangs..!!

All my life I have wanted a perfect hairstyle and you will be surprised to hear that my perfect hairstyle isn't something that normally girls imagine..

Here is what I want.."BUN With Side bangs... "

I am a "Loose Bun Person, I like to keep my hair off my face BUT then comes my dream hairstyle... That contradicts my "hair off face policy..

I always picture myself in a loose messy bun that I usually am but with that BANGS...Side swept bangs with bun...wonderful isn't it..!!

But I have a fear if they will be too hard to maintain.. 

I have made up my mind to get a haircut tomorrow.. Just the bangs.. :)

Then again I am confused if I would be able to maintain it or not..

I know it will enhance my features but I am scared like a 2 year girl.. :(

Any one of you have ever got bangs just suggest me or tell me is it so hard to maintain..??

Also what all styling products do I need to buy to keep them in one place.. ??
Please let me know asap as I desperately need your help..!!
Please please please.. I am really scared as my last haircut was a big disaster so save me...!!  

Get Inspired..!!


  1. Definitely bangs!

    Bun with side bang look so cute! I've got bang for 5 years ;] To keep it in place I use hair spray :)

  2. Love Rachel's hair in that photo

    I had bangs before
    and its not hard to maintain at all
    except when it reaches the awkward stage of being too long to be a bangs
    and you need to decide whether to make it grow longer or cut it to maintain your bangs.

  3. Sideswept bangs look lovely! You should defo go for it and experiment! And you can always grow them out if you don't like them.

  4. It isn't hard to maintain, definitely get them! and I just use hairspray :)

  5. I had side bangs and they actually were much easier to maintain than you think! I decided to grow them out, but I still debate whether I should get them cut again or not!

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  9. You have nothing to lose by trying! What if they look fabulous? Do the tear drop pushed to the side~ I love those!!!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

  10. Beautiful hairstyles! :)

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  11. Me gustan esos flequillos, siempre ando mirando ideas de pelo ya que me aburre llevar siempre el flequillo igual, genial el post, un bsito.

  12. lovely post <3

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  14. GO FOR IT! I think it'll look BANG-ing and not to mention as it grows out (because it will grow out eventually) you'll get to play around with it and al that jazz! I think it'll be good as :)

  15. love hair

  16. Bangs! You can always pin it or wear a turban. Having bangs is very versatile to style anyway. :)
    Do you want us to follow each other? Let me know!

    xx, Mela

  17. Def bangs!