Thursday, 23 May 2013

Help Help Help...!!

Hey Hi everyone...

One quick question and expecting a quick response pls pls pls....

What will you advice a girl who has a limited budget and have to build a good wardrobe(office wear)?? 

Well I am going through a bad phase and thinking of taking retail therapy.. We all agreed "SHOPPING IS BETTER THAN SHRINKS."
I am very much sure about the bottoms but when it comes to tops and shirts I blew up a big time..
So I am counting on you guys because my wardrobe's foundation may depend on your comments..

Please help me to build a functional wardrobe because I am very helpful when I am shopping for a friend 
but when I have to shop for me I suck a big time.. :(
Its true.

I manage to pick most dumb thing from the store .. :(

So please help.
Post links or photos or anything or just list up the things..

One important thing my closet have all the shades of blue.... SO no blues..
Please suggest some colors that will make me look less skinny..(weird it may sound but it is true..)

Please Help..

Thanks in advance you guys..!!



  1. Hi dear!

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  2. I would say start simple. It's amazing the ways that you can dress up a basic V-neck shirt with accessories and great skirts and pants. Try adding tops that you will wear over and over again to your wardrobe, instead of the first thing that catches your eye.

    1. Hey Shannon,
      Your comments always help me.. I totally agree with the V neck shirts:)
      and those eye catching things... I get dreams about them if I don't buy them..

      Stay in touch..!!


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  4. You can try chiffon material shirts in different patterns like pussy bow blouses.
    Also you can wear printed shirts, looks very chic.
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    Much Love,

  5. Start with simple shirts, pencil skirts, blazers and try to spice it with different jewelry. Of course a couple of nice shoes is a must.

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    1. Hi Tina,

      I will go and buy some tops and shirts..:)

    2. Dear I'm your new follower on GFC and Bloglovin, thank you for visiting.
      Hope to stay in touch and good luck with the shopping ^_^


  6. pencil skirt, white shirts you can add color with scarf and bags just try to keep the neutral color in the clothes :)

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  8. I agree, simple skirts and pencil skirts. Maybe a colourful blazer for summer too :) x

  9. Pencil skirts, white shitrs, turtleneck,, brown but also green and burgundy.

  10. I guess you need to buy a black blazer and black skirt
    because you can easily mix and match it with other outfits
    and black looks so chic and professional.

    1. Hey Ann,

      thanks alot babe... but i have these chic pieces.. I agree with you but the problem is what to wear underneath..
      I have 3 or 4 blazers (if you count funky printed one as a blazer) but I keep on spending my money on these things and forget to buy nice tops or blouses..

      Much love..!!

  11. My advice-start sewing! Trust me, been there-done that...

  12. Shop on bargains, unbranded ones have so much stylish pieces too :)
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  13. I've posted a corporate attire too recently on my blog, it's simple but appropriate, check it on :)

  14. A few basic colored shirts, at least one striped shirt,black and white polka dots would do the needful and for bottoms go for beige and black, navy or even whites, mustard yellow shades. Blazers,scarfs and wraps are good for layering too. Build outfits while shopping and just don't buy stuff randomly. Love

  15. I find blazers and trousers have a good effect to creating that corporate, grownup look. And you can invest in some comfortable blouses too.

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  16. H&M has good office wear and is still affordable!

    Have the best weekend ever,

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  19. I like the color black styling and is serious, but not very common.

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  21. Start with a high wasted pencil skirt. that way you can tuck in all the tops you already have and they will look like office wear. plus you can pick one up from any opp shop for around $10.
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