Sunday, 17 February 2013

Braid Up...!!!

As I am working women and for the real girls out there we all adore the hairstyles that we see in the movies and perfect wavy/straight hair.. not to mention those bangs that surprise me the most... they never move from their place(are those glued to your forehead) but when I got bangs that was a complete disaster.. I was not able to manage them for five minutes and finally ended up pinning them up. So we “The Real Girls”( who has to go out in sun, in wind, in crowd , have to use public transportation, have to work, have to talk to clients , to carry multiple things , to talk to our teams on phone along with eating our snack and many more things... ) find it hard to manage our hairs down because to be honest we don’t have the time to brush them up every other time. So this post is to give us some Chic yet Fantabulous ideas to do our hair and trust me you need to touch them up maybe once or never in the entire day.
Braids ....Yeah yeah.. I know what you all are thinking braids are boring but take a look at these braids. They are anything but boring...

So Girls “Braid Up”
I think these pictures have changed your opinion about braids. So which one are you planning to try first.



  1. So true ! Real girls face a lot of hairstyling problems, often leaving them frustrated because the pictures on the internet are a result of hours of styling and people working on you. But your suggestion of braids can actually work for anyone ! Great post :)

    Much Love
    The Heiress Blog

    1. I completely agree with what you said about the pictures on internet. Those are the worst. Lets be true we can't look like them as we don't have four or five stylists with us..
      but they say "beauty lies in the imperfection"


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