Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Happy 2013..!!!

Hows 2013 treating you?? Hope all of you had a blast. I had a blast too but afterwards work blasted :|
I know I am very late to wish new year but its better late than never. I was so busy that I couldn't find time to  
write new post.Anyways now I am back to normal so I hope you all had a lots of fun on new years. :)
As told by our moms that you should be at your best on the first day of the year because thats how your whole year is supposed to be.. But thats beyond crap!!! I wish mine would be some as my first day. I slept the whole day but mine is not going the same. Ironic isn't it, When we were kids we used to get up early but now thats a punishment. :P :)
Well so just like everyone else I am also announcing that "2013 will be mine year"....(hope so)
I know you all had made your resolutions and have broken some (*wink wink*). See I am late in this too. I am thinking of my resolutions just now..
And all I can think of is "Take Control".

  • Of my family
  • of my health (as I live alone so thats kind of important for me)
  • of my spendings
  • of my routine
  • of my anger
  • of my weight ( No no I am not one who has to lose but I have to put on like 6-7 kgs..huh... !)
  • of my education (planning for GMAT or CAT this year)

Besides these I have some style resolutions also.
  • New color combinations
  • Less shopping in malls but more closet shopping
  • Trying atleast one style that is out of my comfort box
  • Mixing ethnic and western
  • investing in classics
  • start wearing heels (as I am 5'6" so I have't tried them yet :-( ) 

Other than this I have to go to atleast 3 new places in this year,take loads of pictures and read alot.

I hope I can keep up with atleast half of them.



  1. I love your Harry Winston quote!!