Wednesday, 6 February 2013

PINK and GREY of 06.02.2013

Pink and Grey is going to be the series of the best and worst or awesome and awkward moments of my today.

So PINK moment of today was the moment when I found its a cloudy morning.
Ahh..... Believe it or not the cloud cover on the Bangalore sky was my Pinkest moment of the day( I know thats not a word but chalta hai.. !!! :-P) I woke up and the moment I saw outside I knew I am going to have a stavacation for today.. So I called in sick (Yippee) 

and GREY moment of today was the moment when the sky cleared itself and all clouds were gone.. :'( 

Hope you have loads of pink in your life !!


  1. What a cool idea ! Pink and grey moment !

    And very interesting profile.... software + stillettos. Would love to follow you via GFC, but can't find the widget in your sidebar.
    Can you help?

    Much Love
    The Heiress Blog

  2. Thanks alot.. :)

    Silly me.. I forget to add GFC to my sidebar.:-P I have added it now. :)