Thursday, 7 February 2013

PINK and GRAY of 07.02.2013

PINK moment of the day is that I faced no red lights and those who live in bangalore will know why such a big deal it is. I was so happy when I reached office and all my colleagues were like whats up with you? and when I told them they were like hell nooooo..!!! OMG!!Yippee... I do not have to wait for lights just for a traffic,no noise,nothing at all...
well what can I say but I felt happy..and I love to be happy.. :)

Tadddaa.... :)

GRAY moment of my day was when gas cylinder got over and I wasn't done cooking.. :( But cup noodles always work.. :P) but then I realised noodles will not help me put on those 5 kgs for which I am eating like an animal.. and this thought made it more grey.. :'( (*sob sob*)

P.S. Happy Rose Day everyone... :)


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