Sunday, 24 February 2013

Draped in Six Yards...!!

Hey everyone.. 

I have to attend a friend's engagement party tonight. I have finalized my dress.So I thought why not to share the look I am going to wear. I will be wearing SAREE...

Let me tell you something about Indian SAREE...

A sari or saree is a strip of unstitched cloth, worn by women, ranging from four to nine yards in length that is draped over the body in various styles which is native to the Indian Subcontinent.The most common style is for the sari to be wrapped around the waist, with one end then draped over the shoulder, baring the waist region.

Here is the picture of what I will be wearing for the function with a brocade blouse ::

Well this is my mom's saree and I have promised her not to ruin it. (I hope I won't...I am so clumsy ) I hope i look good.

Some more of my favorites styles of sarees and designs. I am planning to add these to my collection.

Hope you like them.. 

  • Sonam Kapoor looks great in Red and black saree. P.S. I love the black blouse. 

  •  White is an elegant and serene look for every occasion. Be it a office party or some other outing.

  • I love polka dots and flouro pink and yellow color makes it more girly. and I am just in my early 20 so  this is what I will be wearing for ethnic day at work. I hope it is still in stores :P

  • Another Girly saree.. 

  • Pacman print in saree.. its so fun.. :) And Sonam kapoor rocks it. 

  • Another way to wear saree.. even I don't how to wear it but I will ask my girlfriends..(Some of them might be having any idea. )

Just to make sure I don't wear sarees everyday. I wear them hardly once or twice a year. But I just love them. How a woman draped in 6meter long saree can look sexy.!!! Ironic isn't it.!!!

Well I still have to decide on my accessories and hairstyle.. (hmmm...)

I hope you enjoyed a little peek to my culture and a glimpse of indian fashion.



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